Monday, June 4, 2012

Italian Fear for Rascists!

In the Swedish newspaper SvD (Swe link) they write about the Italian fotball player Mario Balotelli who is the big question if he will play in European Championship in Fotball. If he is subjected to racism, he leaves the plan immediately and goes home. He don't tolerate racism. Now coach Cesare Prandelli is supporting Balotelli to stay in the European Championship, by saying he will leave the bench andwalk out on the pitch if it happens. The team is also supporting Balotelli because he is a good player and very very important. The Italian team talked in a press conference last Thursday and said that they will help him with problems and if they sing racist songs. The group who Italy is playing in is C where SpainCroatia, and Ireland also plays. Italy will be staying in a hotel in Krakow (Poland).

According to the Telegraph he said it after hearing warnings from Sol Campbell in a BBC program about violence in football. Ukraine and Poland reacted strongly and disliked what he said.

My opinion is clear here.

I believe that Poland will do a good job in protecting everybody against rascists. I've been there and seen how helpful they are and trust them. One thing they can't protect against is that after hearing Balotelli saying like that surely some people will sing rascistic songs if they are on the edge to loose playing with Italy!
To understand this you only have to look at Sweden. That is a safe country, but anyway there are rascists there that say studipd things. For example did the party secretary in Sverigedemokraterna, Björn Söder, say "Sweden?" (Swe link) on his facebook page when Sweden won the Eurovision Song Contest 2012 (Read more on this post). Sweden had a singer those parents were born in Morocco, and the party have a lot of people from the old Neo-nazist party among their voters. If Sweden has dirty among their "top" politicians, then it is no wonder if it happens to be some in Poland too. That is no excuse, we all have to proceed fighting for the equal rights for everybody.

Ukraine, on the other hand, I doubt will be able to protect the players and audiance against rascists. Why? Because if they can't protect their own ex-premier minister and democratic fighter, Tymoshenko, against the dictator and a seven years long time in prison, why should they want to protect foreigners?Also by listening to people in Romania makeing me doubt. When I was going to travell by car from the north of Romania to Poland I was told it was unsafe to drive past Ukraine, although I would save 400 kilometers. I was told stories about cars being stoped by the police and robbed and other things. Well, I doubt in Ukraine, but we will see. Time will tell.

Lets hope that the players dare to fight un-democratic powers in the world by telling that Ukraine is a dictatorship and that they should releaseTymoshenko, just like Loreen dared in Azerbaijan!

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