Wednesday, January 18, 2012

Christianity, Good or Evil?

For me it doesn't matter which religion, they can not be good or evil. A religion is a belief persons have to explain things that is hard to understand and feel easier that they have someone protecting them (in different ways depending on religion).

Why good or evil then? Well, after reading one of the largest Swedish newspapers today (Dagens nyheter, DN, links futher down) I saw two articles about Christians. That will be the theme today.

The first article which was terrible and no funny reading, but it made me think about all those brave people who does everything for others. They are the good. An example is a dear ex college who moved to Kongo-Kinshasa to help build up the school system after the war. She is good hearted.
Bartolomé de las Casas did also his best to protect and help the native americans 1512-66. He wrote books and made so that the king changed laws to make it better for them than when the conquistadores were killing with no mercy for gold.

The no mercy killing was what that article was about: "Break the silence about the killing of Christians" (Swedish link). Asia Bibi is a Pakistanian Christian woman, mother of five, who was in an argue about water. According to some muslim women she said something about Muhammed and therefor she sits in prison now waiting for her hanging. It is a capital punishment for blasphemy there. According to this article in DN she is just one example among 105 000 Christians killed every year. Reason: They are Chritistians! I use to write what I do not like with the pope and why (see previous posts about Character Indebilis), but writing about Mrs Bibi I have to mention that pope Benedictus XVI tries to help her!

The DN-article proceeds that the problem is that when talking about Christianity everyone thinks about the west, Europe and USA, and what they have done duting the history: Crusades, inquisition, colonialism and slavery. True, but not true... The average Christian is a colored woman from Nigeria (DN-article), and there are a lot of Christians in Africa, South America (also suffering a lott from Europe/USA even nowadays) and Asia. They need to be seen, especially Africa and Middle east. 100 years ago 20 % of the people living in the Middle east (Arabic countries and the birth place of Christianity), now it is only 5% Horrible numbers telling us about suffering, killing and forced escape to strange places.

The other article is about those Christians that the Middle east thinks about when talking about Christians: The Christian right in the US! This DN-article is about a family who can not vote on Mitt Romney because he is a mormon (that means according to them: Not Christian, according to other religions: a branch of Christians). They want to vote on the republican Rick Santorum, Catholic.

What wants Santorum?
First of all he Do not want women to be able to do abortions. (what about a girl raped by his father and pregnant? Is she allowed? Nope, read a previous article)
Second: He will fight for the moral and the family. (Sounds ok, but if you read about the family-issues in the Christian right that means the woman will have to step back and leave a lot of her rights. That is not good. They are equal to me!)
Third: He wants to teach Creationism in school (what I wrote about yesterday). If you believe in the evolution you are on the left, left means communist, you are dangerous.
Forth, and most dangerous: His way to approach Iran is like he wants to start a war. Saying, according to ABC "On occasion, scientists working on the nuclear program in Iran turn up dead. I think that’s a wonderful thing, candidly" and "We will degrade those facilities through airstrikes, and make it very public that we are doing that" is not a good way of negotiate, but on his own page he writes"Refuse to negotiate on any level with the terrorist state of Iran" (Childish. The next president of the US?)

In the book "Kristendomens historia" I read about what Martin Luther thought according to the church and the state. I want you readers to be able to also see it, therefor I use this blogg to explain it. It tells the same thing. If you are a Lutheran, protestant, you shall think about the two Kingdoms that God created. The church and the state. They are separated and should not be mixed. That means that a Christian may not require that the state is governed by a fellow Christian. The leader shall not follow the Gospel, but the law.

Why have the US stopped thinking about that?

Learn this:

Please everyone stop telling how a Christian is. Look at my examples and you may see all kind of people, from helpers and suffering women to Christians that says it is wonderful that a person is killed. Judge everyone after what he/she does and says, not according to religion.

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