Monday, January 30, 2012

Muezzin in Sweden? No thanks!

Before I start: Muezzin is the person calling for the muslim prayer five times a day in muslim countries.

Some years ago I lived in an apartment in a small town in the south of Sweden. I had small children not always sleeping all nights. One morning, it was a red day in the calendar, I heard loud drums outside. I woke up to the drums in one ear and a terrified child screaming in the other. The clock was 7.30 and it was the first of may. The annual workers demonstration!
I hated it. They may demonstrate, but they do not have to disturb everybody else in the outskirt of the town while walking to the square.

What does this have to do with Muslims?

A lot! They are here in Sweden. That's okay, often they are refugees from what could have been their death in their home countries. I have no problem with helping them. Of course they shall be able to pray and hear an imam even in Sweden, just like the Christians have their masses. What I do not agree with the Muslims in Fittja, south of Stockholm is their effort to have a muezzin screaming (link is in Swedish to the original paper of the agenda for the meeting 26/1-12) to gather the prayers. But it is not the first time they have asked for this, according to the lokal TV-chanel ABC they tried 2009 too.
The example above is a good one for me. If you have a believe it should be your private thing, and you shall not disturb others with it. When you have loud speakers screaming “Time to pray!” you are obviously disturbing others, who are not believeing like them. Imam Abboud Sleiman in Karlskrona (Swedish link) seems to be of the same opinion. He said, 2009, when some people living next to the mosque in Karlskrona worried: ”The minaret is just a symbol, according to our religion you are not supposed to disturb others”.
guess one or two muslims will react and say “but the churches are disturbing with their clocks”. That's right, we have churches in Sweden, and have had so for more than 1 000 years. It is a long tradition, and the bells have been ringing since then. Indeed they too might disturb, even if the Christian paper Dagen says the opposite. That’s why some changes have been made in the law about ringing during night (another boring Swedish link for my englsih speaking readers. it is a court descision). Anyway, it is a huge difference here. This has never been a muslim country (hand hopefully it will never be it. Mixed ok, but no muslim laws here, and no muslim “female rights” either, or lack of rights).

The muslims may come back and ask for this the day that we will not read in the paper that 15 schoolgirls died in a fire, and 50 badly damaged, because they where not islamic dressed when they tried to run out from a burning school in Mecka, like I wrote about it in my post "Muslim men, cover your eyes!". The day we will read "New church opened in Mecka, now the church bells will ring on Sundays and the muezzins will call for salat  for muslims", then you may come back!
Something tells me that this will not happen. Just remember this Swedish article from DN, that I wrote about here in english.

If you want to live a pure muslim life with islamic rules and all muslim traditions, feel fre to move to a muslim country. If you instead want to live in a country where you may have freedom to pray, with nobody forcing you, and nobody wanting to cut the hands of your childrens hand when they have stolen a piece of candy in the shop, according to hudud and the quran 5:38, then stay with us and build something good. Just remember that our laws are made for the people, not for the religions. If it is “good” for the religion or the family, but hurts a person then it is forbidden. If a person not muslim makes a painting of your prophet, he has done nothing wrong because he/she is not a muslim. There are tons of pictures of Jesus. It is freedom of criticize politics and religion that makes you be able to live in Sweden. Use that freedom in the right way so that nobody tries to change it to less freedom. 

Tuesday, January 24, 2012

advertisment and religion

On my blogg you will se some adds. Feel free to press them, thats why they exist. If you have read my previous posts you'll notice I have written a lot about religion. I happened to see one add about one religion I haven't written about. That might make you think I support that religion. I do not. Any religion that needs to use this kind of adds to try to catch new victims should be treated for what it is.

Take care out thee and do not let you be fooled by some nice words from a sect while you are in a bad mood. Yuo might end up like all those others that have had great problems trying to leave the sects afterwords.

Sunday, January 22, 2012

VOF, scientific knights!

This post is updated in the end with a translation of an answer on another blogg.
The Swedish organisation VOF is, just like Simon Singh and Richard Dawkins, standing on the barricades fighting for true science and against pseudoscience.

VOF have two prices (Swedish link) the give to a person or organisation that have done something for or against science.
The price for best science educator 2011 was Hjärnkontoret, a scientific TV-program for children! (A good one, I've seen it)
The price for largest scientific confuser was given to the politicians in Mora (where the famous Vasaloppet ends). They got this well deserved price after ordering the cell-phone antenna in Mora to be adjusted so that a house where a person who says he has electromagnetic hypersensitivity lives. Large areas of the town might be in cell-phone shadow efter that. The politicians used, according to VOF "unscientific methods" to understand the problem. According to nyheter24 they used google!!! Wonder if they googled to my link above, to Wikipedia. There you might read on "scientific evidence" that there are big doubts that it even exists, and wikipedia gives good links to the reports that show why they write like that!

Well some people actually believe in this. I happen to be a member of VOF on facebook. There a woman is trying to show the sceptics that they are wrong by giving links to the scientific pages listed on wikipedia as now done correct. She also writes on her blogg (Swedish link) that because the scientist do not use propper scientific methods you should not use the science for political decisions. Wonder if she thinks like that with all political decisions, or only those who are not going her way!

I am happy we have science, and what they are saying in this question is that they can not see any clear proof, it looks like it is a mental thing...but we need to investigate it more. Good, because we need to know the truth before we make a decision so that we do not something we have to regret. (IF there were strong indications that it could be true and not mental then it would be correct to use the "environmental laws caution rule" (Miljöbalk 1998:808, 2 kap, 3§)

The knights of science are needed all over the world to lift us up from ignorance and the will to fool money from people by pseudoscience. It is easy to do that with those who lack education.
(This woman doesn't seem to do that, and she is not trying to earn money here-She really believes in this!)

(for part 2 of this read here)
When I was searching on Google a week later on the name of my blogg I got a hit on her blogg "Mobilstrålningen en påtvingad hälsorisk".
When I read it it was like reading some kind of strange story(exept for the copy and pasted answer she put here). For my english speaking readers: Sorry for answering in Swedish on this thread. The main events in the comments were: She disagree with me, and then she showed some statistics about how high levels of cancer there are among med in different ages in Sweden now. (she had very high numbers) She had read the statistics wrong, and thought that the percentage of men in a group in a certain age was the percentage of cancer. I told her in a humble way that, and after that the discussion ended.
Now to her answer on her blogg:
There she writes that I hide under a pseudoname (this is my real name, and when I posted this on facebook for her to read I used my own private facebook with all informations), pseudoface (do not know what she means here, I had a picture of my own face by then, not this relic from a church in Parinacota, Northen Chile) and that I write pseudoscience.
Then she says that because all journalists listen to VoF:s pseudoscience the great papers in Sweden have lost readers (she mentions the papers with good reputation) because "they are impregnated by a false reallity and lies". Then she says: "Det finns något hjärntvättat och avtrubbat  över de mest aktiva inom VoF och dess styrelse." "There are a look of brain washed and less intelligent over the most active and the board in VoF" (My guess is that she means that I am one of them, but I am not a member.)
Then it was just some more, but this tells very much what kind of person she is when she finds someone who do not agree with her.

My reply: I feel pity for a person who acts like this, so I let her be. Hopefully she'll find pece in her heart sometime, and not keep this anger within, because that is not good.

We have an expression in Sweden: "Empty barrels sounds more than full ones"...

Update2: For viewers coming from Solvieg Silverins page- When she wrote about me and wrote "pseudoface" I had a picture of myselfs here, and I was open with who I am. After that crazy talking, and in my view threatening I descided to change my picture to the relique from Parinacota... to protect my children from eventual crazy people.

Why Things Break

This is an essay I wrote during my english class. The subject was "Why things break". My aproach was a little bit different, but I had fun writing it. Enjoy:

Whether you believe in the laws of physics or a creating God, everything started in order - either in the gardens of Eden or in the tiny tiny nothing before the Big Bang. Ever since things are doing their best to reach a state of disorder. The more disorder there is in the universe the less entropy and the more satisfied all the small atoms are, just following the laws of physics.

How does this disorder thing affect us humans? To be able to create all the wonders the human race have done since the dawn of time we have been forced to create a bigger disorder elsewhere, for instance by using fire to make glass we throw away energy, in the form of heat, out in the space. We then make order in the disorder, but the laws of physics are not turned off by our efforts. Even if the atoms in for example glass are stuck together by small forces they have Freddy Mercury’s voice in Queen programmed into their imaginary brains: “I want to break free”. They therefore try to follow the political history during the twentieth century: “It is nice to be here together in an 'all are equal' communistic way”, feels good for them in the beginning, until... they can feel the breeze of freedom from touching their neighbors all the time when they pass the edge of the table and starts to fall towards the floor. “I want my liberal rights to be free from everyone and and follow my own path, as long as I do not have a negative impact on others!” becomes their new motto for a short period of history. The liberal thoughts suddenly makes them think in egoistic ways, and the dream of independence starts to shout out loud in the break of the glass: “I want anarchy, no-one and nothing shall affect me and my way!”, and then, suddenly, there will be silence for a while in the anarchistic atoms when they notice they are all alone and have nothing left more than the dead space around. Then the atomistic fun is over, for the time being, and the political history of the humans turns into economics.

When the atoms are on that level of breaking apart, on what level are then the humans?
The human race think they ARE the order of the universe, looking like Gods - according to their holy books - and trying to force every little atom to follow their will, but that is just an illusion. Even on this level of order in the universe the law of disorder are working slowly but effective to separate and make the amount of disorder higher and higher all the time.

When you look upon a family you might see that two adults have come together as two primary sub-units in one. Later it might be even more sub-units, secondary, working together as one. Everything looks good on the surface, but deep inside the sub-units there are forces that are working to make more disorder – to separate them from each other - to make the family-thing break.

There are two ways a family might break:
The first way of breaking is when the children, the secondary sub-units, are old enough to try to start an own family-unit. Then the family breaks apart in a happy break up party, celebrating that more disorder have been reached in the universe.

Sometimes it is the primary family-sub-units that are not fitting together any longer resulting in a breaking apart that will not, in most cases, end with the happy kind of “disorder in the universe”-party. This will instead result in even more disorder than the first way. Other sub-units in other families will be affected in different ways making the original break-up to be new problems for them, because they might side with different parts in the conflict- This suits the physical law of disorder perfectly, speeding up the universe physical aim: to break apart more and get colder, that means higher entropy.

To be able to construct things physically or mentally you always have to learn science to get a better understanding why things break. When you have learned this you will be able to construct better things that will not break as easy as before, working against the laws of physics but favoring your creativity as a technician and the order around you.  

Friday, January 20, 2012

Sex and politics

Again the republican election makes scandals. This time it is about Newt Gingrich. I know nothing about his political ambitions, so I will not touch that here.
What I know something about is sex and Gingrich.
According to CNN his ex wife said yesterday in an interview that he wanted to have an open relationship. That will be the issue for today.

I am divorced. I have a new wonderful love. Nothing strange with that in Sweden, but if I lived in a place where the Christian right or the Catholics were strong they would say I am a sinner.

Gingrich is where the Christian right is very strong now. Being divorced is not good for them looking in the Bible.

The other problem by being divorced is that you have an ex-something. Even if you divorce in a nice manners sooner or later jealousity that your former loved one has a new lover will make you say and do things not worthy an adult. I know it, I am divorced, and now Gingrich notices it too. His ex wife did not like that he found a new beloved one while she still loved him. Now she has the chance to get her revenge.

Lets look at the open relationship now.
Isn't that a private thing if they discussed that? A lot of couples have open relationships, and that is not my or any one else's business. She didn't like the idea and he accepted by divorcing her and choosed his new wife. Fine, lets get over it. It is a big difference between “open relationship” and “bomb Iran, start a war” like  Rick Santorum  wants to do. I feel pity for Newt maybe loosing for this reason (love) while his opponent Santorum wins because of war

Lets look at sex now.
How a person have sex, with one or two persons at the same time or with a man or woman, that is their private stuff (as long as it is not child abuse or rape). Noone else are allowed to interfear in that. To loose an election because you had sex with your wife to be is sick. Lets hope that the US understands that (they won't he will loose).

Thursday, January 19, 2012

Why not study!

As a teacher I had a lot of reasons why you should study, but now I am not working as a teacher and have to rearrange my thinking. Therefor I will give you some reasons why not study, but I am a little bit ironic.

1. The Besserwisser reason
When you know a lot everyone will ask you for help, because they know a lot. For the same reason they will sometimes be crossed because they think you are bragging when you happen to correct your friends when they are wrong. You'll loose your friends and feel miserable.

2. The know a lot reason
When you know a lot you will often hear things that are incorrect. You might want to correct it, but because of knowing reason 1 you are quiet. Not being able to talk makes you frustrated, being frustrated makes you irritated. Being irritated often makes you a miserable person.

3. The well educated work reason
Being well educated and knowing a lot gives you works where they demand that you use your brain. That is not wrong, but you'll have a hard time not to think about the intelligence demanding issues even after work is over. Having a work not demanding any brain activity, like a disher or cleaning-lady (-man), you'll quit work the moment you leave it for the day. You'll have the rest of the day of. So, do you want to work every hour awake, but only getting paid for the time on the work, or do you want to have own time?

4. The religious reason
The more you know, the less is left for a divine creature to take care of. Earlier in the human history it was up to the God(s) if you survived or not, while it is up to the doctors now. A person knowing a lot knows this and a lot of other things that makes a divine creature harder and harder to believe in. This makes it hard, because you then have to think with your conscience, while a religious person will give all problems and sins the the God(s). That is easier and gives a good pay check in the life after. Instead you'll have to take care of your mistakes and faults, and that might make you feel miserable.

5. The dictatorship reason
It is a fact that in all dictatorships the regimes are afraid for the student, the persons that knows a lot and therefor understands it is wrong and have ways to solve it. Just look at Chile and how the DINA attacked the students, and still is doing it. If you want to live do not learn a lot, but be a pacharon, they will survive.

6. The democratic reason
Living in a democracy you'll have to elect the leaders. Knowing a lot you'll see nobody are fit for being the president (just look at the republican election in the US right now, the yesterday blogg entry in the end). You have to choose to skip the election and get an idiot as a president (The US was afraid for their enemies so they tried to hide behind the Bushes. This was not the burning bush of Moses, but the Bushes who made the world burn). Then you might try to candidate for the president post. That is not good, because you know too much and therefor you'll be honest and tell the people the truth. They do not want the truth (learning), but stories (fairy tales from Hollywood). That's why Al Gore lost against the small Bush-He said the truth about the environment. You'll just feel miserable and loose all hope for mankind, hoping “womankind” will heal the world.

7. The environmental reason
When you know a lot you'll understand what happens to the world whit great storms and dead forests, and know what to do to save the world. By trying that, and notice that nobody else cares (they do not understand) you'll get frustrated and trying harder. In other peoples eyes you'll look like one of the strange persons you shall avoid, and you'll loose all your ignorant friends being alone in your little healthy world. Loneliness makes you depressed and miserable.

8. The health reason
Knowing everything about food, and how dangerous it is to eat it will make you very careful cooking and eating. You do not want to eat things that might cause cancer or other strange things with your body-even vegetables might do it from the insecticides. This will stop you from the social life by not being able to eat at a restaurant or when visiting your friends. You'll be a prisoner in the health-prison loosing your friends that feel bad when you don't like their food. Loosing friends will make you feel miserable.

The child reason
You'll probably get children. Knowing a lot will force you to help your children with their homework. Helping them with that will make it hard for you to have your own time in front of the internet reading things like this. That will make you start thinking why you ever got children (you know how to protect you because you know a lot). Thinking like that about your children will make you feel miserable.

10. The miserable reason
By knowing all the paragraphs above you'll feel miserable. Who wants to be miserable? Stop study and get a life...

The reason all the paragraphs above is crap:
Study hard and be master over your own life. Do not let anyone boss with you without any reason. The more you know the better you'll manage in all situations. Only you may change your life for the better. And about religion:You alone choose to believe or not, but make sure (by learning a lot) that you are not jumping into any sects fooling you...

Wednesday, January 18, 2012

Christianity, Good or Evil?

For me it doesn't matter which religion, they can not be good or evil. A religion is a belief persons have to explain things that is hard to understand and feel easier that they have someone protecting them (in different ways depending on religion).

Why good or evil then? Well, after reading one of the largest Swedish newspapers today (Dagens nyheter, DN, links futher down) I saw two articles about Christians. That will be the theme today.

The first article which was terrible and no funny reading, but it made me think about all those brave people who does everything for others. They are the good. An example is a dear ex college who moved to Kongo-Kinshasa to help build up the school system after the war. She is good hearted.
Bartolomé de las Casas did also his best to protect and help the native americans 1512-66. He wrote books and made so that the king changed laws to make it better for them than when the conquistadores were killing with no mercy for gold.

The no mercy killing was what that article was about: "Break the silence about the killing of Christians" (Swedish link). Asia Bibi is a Pakistanian Christian woman, mother of five, who was in an argue about water. According to some muslim women she said something about Muhammed and therefor she sits in prison now waiting for her hanging. It is a capital punishment for blasphemy there. According to this article in DN she is just one example among 105 000 Christians killed every year. Reason: They are Chritistians! I use to write what I do not like with the pope and why (see previous posts about Character Indebilis), but writing about Mrs Bibi I have to mention that pope Benedictus XVI tries to help her!

The DN-article proceeds that the problem is that when talking about Christianity everyone thinks about the west, Europe and USA, and what they have done duting the history: Crusades, inquisition, colonialism and slavery. True, but not true... The average Christian is a colored woman from Nigeria (DN-article), and there are a lot of Christians in Africa, South America (also suffering a lott from Europe/USA even nowadays) and Asia. They need to be seen, especially Africa and Middle east. 100 years ago 20 % of the people living in the Middle east (Arabic countries and the birth place of Christianity), now it is only 5% Horrible numbers telling us about suffering, killing and forced escape to strange places.

The other article is about those Christians that the Middle east thinks about when talking about Christians: The Christian right in the US! This DN-article is about a family who can not vote on Mitt Romney because he is a mormon (that means according to them: Not Christian, according to other religions: a branch of Christians). They want to vote on the republican Rick Santorum, Catholic.

What wants Santorum?
First of all he Do not want women to be able to do abortions. (what about a girl raped by his father and pregnant? Is she allowed? Nope, read a previous article)
Second: He will fight for the moral and the family. (Sounds ok, but if you read about the family-issues in the Christian right that means the woman will have to step back and leave a lot of her rights. That is not good. They are equal to me!)
Third: He wants to teach Creationism in school (what I wrote about yesterday). If you believe in the evolution you are on the left, left means communist, you are dangerous.
Forth, and most dangerous: His way to approach Iran is like he wants to start a war. Saying, according to ABC "On occasion, scientists working on the nuclear program in Iran turn up dead. I think that’s a wonderful thing, candidly" and "We will degrade those facilities through airstrikes, and make it very public that we are doing that" is not a good way of negotiate, but on his own page he writes"Refuse to negotiate on any level with the terrorist state of Iran" (Childish. The next president of the US?)

In the book "Kristendomens historia" I read about what Martin Luther thought according to the church and the state. I want you readers to be able to also see it, therefor I use this blogg to explain it. It tells the same thing. If you are a Lutheran, protestant, you shall think about the two Kingdoms that God created. The church and the state. They are separated and should not be mixed. That means that a Christian may not require that the state is governed by a fellow Christian. The leader shall not follow the Gospel, but the law.

Why have the US stopped thinking about that?

Learn this:

Please everyone stop telling how a Christian is. Look at my examples and you may see all kind of people, from helpers and suffering women to Christians that says it is wonderful that a person is killed. Judge everyone after what he/she does and says, not according to religion.

SOPA, Christian right and Censoring

Censoring is a popular activity among groups having their own beliefs, but are troubled by what the science reveals. I wrote about it in the Hypathia article, and among other countries the country of freedom, USA, did their best to prevent the film to be shown.

They, USA, have their Christian right (opposite of left). They are very concerned about the evolution theory and tries by all means to stop it and other scientific proved issues. Here are three of their atempts.

Creationistic science books

In the US there are approved to educate the children at home, or put them in religious schools. There are not much controll of the home education and the religious schools are not controlled as hard as in Sweden (I have worked in a muslim school in Sweden...I did teach about the real evolution and about the sexuallity. No problems). There are even school books written in pure creationistic views, harming the children by not letting them see what others believe. Thank God (?) there exists people like the one who writes the blogg 11 points to make others be aware of what is happening. It is dangerous, and 45 seconds into this video you'll see the result.

Intelligent design equal to the evolution

In 2005 the Kansas state board of education tried to discredit the evolution by introducing the ID:s teaching method. One student at the Oregon state University, Bobby Henderson, wrote an open letter to the board saying he wanted to have equal time for his religion too. Noone had ever heard of The Church of the Flying Spaghetti monster, and the board did not answer. Bobby published the letter on the net, and it became a success! The board lost the case. Thanks Bobby!


SOPA is, according to what they write, something to protect copywrite materials. As it works it also helps the christian right to be able to use the SOPA-law to try to stop web pages with materials they do not like. Wikipedia for instans will probably be one of the first pages to be closed. Even other pages that are not having any illegal materials on it will maybe be forced to closed just because they links to a page with illegal materials, according to Lennart Guldbrandsson (Swedish link) on the Swedish Wikimedia. As a result of this, and to try to succeed as good as Bobby and 11 points did, the english Wikipedia will have a total blackout 18th of January to show what will come if we let the US censor the internet. Here are the English wikimedia explanation.
What is a little bit confusing is why the US where talking about "Freedom of speech" during the Arabian spring", while themselves tries to stop those rights.

Lets hope our army of scientists and people searching for the truth will be able to stop this and make the world enter a new era. I think of Richard Dawkins (evolution), Simon Singh (fighting against the chiropractics) and VOF (Swedish sceptics) and many more.

Thursday, January 12, 2012


Once again chilean police have done it... On this film you see how a woman holding a baby is hit by the police in the south of Chile. (The same clip on youtube is cencored, you must log in because it is violent!) According to this Swedish link, from the Swedish radio, it is all about that the Mapuche, a tribe in the south, wants to keep their land. The government wants the land and the forest to build an airport and to sell it to companies. Threfor the government has mentioned that it is the Mapuche who has put the forest on fire. That is outrageuos, and a crime to their belief.

What is not written on that link is that the government uses the terrorist laws the dictator Pinochet made against the people on the left. That means that if a Mapuche complains he/she might be put in prisson without any trail for years- it is a terrorist!!!

Hope more and more non-mapuche reacts and lets their government know. For the cause of justice!

Niqab in school, muslim dressing

After a long quiet period has the Skolverket (Swedish schoolboard) come to a conclusion about the niqab in school (Swedish link).

I am astonished and ashamed about what they write: First of all they say it is okey to use it, and you are not, as a school, allowed to have a rule against it. (Of course, when you are not in school I do not care, use it or loose it. Not my buissness). According to Aftonbladet (Swedish link) the case that skolverket uses where not even evaluated by the Swedish court-system. They where to afraid for beeing called racists, and now the teachers have to say "No, you may not use niqab in my classroom"

Why am I rejecting it in school?
Well, as a teacher you need to meet the student and see that she understands and really have good contact with her. There are alse the governmental issue. As a teacher you are obliged to grade your students. How will you be able to make sure that the student in niqab, doing the test, is the right person? Having a femal "peeper" looking behind the niqab every lesson? That is a terrible thought.
To make my point even stronger. When I worked at Al Azharskolan, a muslim school, the headmaster said it was forbidden of the same reasons I wrote above. Why shall then we non-muslims at all discuss this issue? If the own people says it is wrong in school for the students (exept for a small extreme group).
Finally: If you use it during an experiment in chemistry it will make it more dangerous because you can not see as good as others when things happens.

Muslim dressing
What's this?
well that is clothes that muslim people wear. Nothing strange, mostly. The niqab is in the eyes of the west a way to supress the woman. (And as far as I know it is not mentioned in the quran at all)
M.I.A used a niqab in a posé whit a finger up high. on the blogg discussion some muslims said it is wrong to dress in muslim clothes if you are not a muslim. Why? I do not care about the religious beliefs and may dress as I want. (One answered if they think you have to be a rastafari to listen to Bob Marley. Good point. While anotherone posted this link, showing that muslims dress as they want and there are noone who shall tell them how to dress (not even other muslims). Right there!!! We are all free (exept for some million supressed women all over the world, often with different religions as a weapon to make noone dare to say stop

Wednesday, January 11, 2012

Moneyfree banks!

It's the first of April, not.
Yesterday I had to put some money on my account in the bank. That should not be a big problem, I thought!
While I live in south of Stockholm I went to the bank in the biggest shopping mall close to mine: Skärholmen. There I entered the bank. It was full. A lot of people who wanted to do their things, and a big note telling us that "This is a cash free bank. You can not insert money here", it said. Great information given, and no info where I could do it. I left and had to go to the center of Stockholm, there I walked 10 minutes until I came to another "Sparbank". There I could insert my money, and I asked where in the south of Stockholm it would be possible. On the "red line", the metro, you can not do it anywhere all the 45 minutes long metro-line. They have closed that choise. If you want to do this bank-issue you have to go app 50 minutes, or take a buss in wrong direction.

What's wrong with Sweden when the banks are not there for their costumers?
Don't they want my money?

This is a big joke, that I did not laugh at!

Monday, January 9, 2012

Argue on New Years Eve!

Year 2011 ended for me with an argue. Sooo great to do so, or?
Well, actually not, but I had no choise but to do it.

We were standing on a bridge full with people, waiting for the fireworks to start. In front of us where a big English hunk standing with a bomber jacket, togeter with his petite girlfriend. He heard the exited 12 years old children, and when the firework almost should start he looked at the children and said "stop pushing" ("Hey", I thought but didn't say anything, "does he really think that it is the tiny girl pushing him, and not the drunk crowd behind us?").

Closer to the start he looks behind again, smiles a fools smile and lifts his arm very demonstrative and holds it just in the hight of the childrens eyes, around his girl. They could see nothing...
I tapped my finger on his shoulder and asked very nice: "could you please take your arm down, the children can not see!".
He, maybe 15 cm taller than me and blown up arms stared with a hate-glace at me and screamed to me with a deep voice (silly voice when I think about it and we have joked a lot about it): "Maybe I want to hug my girlfriend".

"Hey, they are children", I said loud to him while he turned smiling away... when a lady (from Czechia) waved at me and said very nice: "Tell the children to come here, then they will see".
I sent the children to her and they stod on the first line with noone pushing them. I told her husband that he had a great wife with a good heart.

This could have been a nice ending on the story... but what about the hunk? And what about my lioness to "Reina" who loves her children?
We opened our bottle of sparkling wine. No glasses, so we had to drink from the bottle, but we drank and kissed and wished a happy new year. But I thought mi reina drank a little too fast... the bottle missed some... until she laughing told me she had shared it with the hunks lether jacket. Her revenge for him treating 12 years old children like idiots were destroying the jacket for him.

Are English men so bad? Well lets me judge by mention the first 3 men (22 years old) we spoke with in the bar late that night (early morning). They where from London and the Channel islands. Three great men well behavioring and very nice to speak with.

So the thing is that you shall never think a person is good or bad depending on where he or she is from. judge yourself on basis of what you see yourself. skin color, language or accent is not what counts, but whats inside.

Happy New Year.