Monday, January 9, 2012

Argue on New Years Eve!

Year 2011 ended for me with an argue. Sooo great to do so, or?
Well, actually not, but I had no choise but to do it.

We were standing on a bridge full with people, waiting for the fireworks to start. In front of us where a big English hunk standing with a bomber jacket, togeter with his petite girlfriend. He heard the exited 12 years old children, and when the firework almost should start he looked at the children and said "stop pushing" ("Hey", I thought but didn't say anything, "does he really think that it is the tiny girl pushing him, and not the drunk crowd behind us?").

Closer to the start he looks behind again, smiles a fools smile and lifts his arm very demonstrative and holds it just in the hight of the childrens eyes, around his girl. They could see nothing...
I tapped my finger on his shoulder and asked very nice: "could you please take your arm down, the children can not see!".
He, maybe 15 cm taller than me and blown up arms stared with a hate-glace at me and screamed to me with a deep voice (silly voice when I think about it and we have joked a lot about it): "Maybe I want to hug my girlfriend".

"Hey, they are children", I said loud to him while he turned smiling away... when a lady (from Czechia) waved at me and said very nice: "Tell the children to come here, then they will see".
I sent the children to her and they stod on the first line with noone pushing them. I told her husband that he had a great wife with a good heart.

This could have been a nice ending on the story... but what about the hunk? And what about my lioness to "Reina" who loves her children?
We opened our bottle of sparkling wine. No glasses, so we had to drink from the bottle, but we drank and kissed and wished a happy new year. But I thought mi reina drank a little too fast... the bottle missed some... until she laughing told me she had shared it with the hunks lether jacket. Her revenge for him treating 12 years old children like idiots were destroying the jacket for him.

Are English men so bad? Well lets me judge by mention the first 3 men (22 years old) we spoke with in the bar late that night (early morning). They where from London and the Channel islands. Three great men well behavioring and very nice to speak with.

So the thing is that you shall never think a person is good or bad depending on where he or she is from. judge yourself on basis of what you see yourself. skin color, language or accent is not what counts, but whats inside.

Happy New Year.

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