Thursday, January 19, 2012

Why not study!

As a teacher I had a lot of reasons why you should study, but now I am not working as a teacher and have to rearrange my thinking. Therefor I will give you some reasons why not study, but I am a little bit ironic.

1. The Besserwisser reason
When you know a lot everyone will ask you for help, because they know a lot. For the same reason they will sometimes be crossed because they think you are bragging when you happen to correct your friends when they are wrong. You'll loose your friends and feel miserable.

2. The know a lot reason
When you know a lot you will often hear things that are incorrect. You might want to correct it, but because of knowing reason 1 you are quiet. Not being able to talk makes you frustrated, being frustrated makes you irritated. Being irritated often makes you a miserable person.

3. The well educated work reason
Being well educated and knowing a lot gives you works where they demand that you use your brain. That is not wrong, but you'll have a hard time not to think about the intelligence demanding issues even after work is over. Having a work not demanding any brain activity, like a disher or cleaning-lady (-man), you'll quit work the moment you leave it for the day. You'll have the rest of the day of. So, do you want to work every hour awake, but only getting paid for the time on the work, or do you want to have own time?

4. The religious reason
The more you know, the less is left for a divine creature to take care of. Earlier in the human history it was up to the God(s) if you survived or not, while it is up to the doctors now. A person knowing a lot knows this and a lot of other things that makes a divine creature harder and harder to believe in. This makes it hard, because you then have to think with your conscience, while a religious person will give all problems and sins the the God(s). That is easier and gives a good pay check in the life after. Instead you'll have to take care of your mistakes and faults, and that might make you feel miserable.

5. The dictatorship reason
It is a fact that in all dictatorships the regimes are afraid for the student, the persons that knows a lot and therefor understands it is wrong and have ways to solve it. Just look at Chile and how the DINA attacked the students, and still is doing it. If you want to live do not learn a lot, but be a pacharon, they will survive.

6. The democratic reason
Living in a democracy you'll have to elect the leaders. Knowing a lot you'll see nobody are fit for being the president (just look at the republican election in the US right now, the yesterday blogg entry in the end). You have to choose to skip the election and get an idiot as a president (The US was afraid for their enemies so they tried to hide behind the Bushes. This was not the burning bush of Moses, but the Bushes who made the world burn). Then you might try to candidate for the president post. That is not good, because you know too much and therefor you'll be honest and tell the people the truth. They do not want the truth (learning), but stories (fairy tales from Hollywood). That's why Al Gore lost against the small Bush-He said the truth about the environment. You'll just feel miserable and loose all hope for mankind, hoping “womankind” will heal the world.

7. The environmental reason
When you know a lot you'll understand what happens to the world whit great storms and dead forests, and know what to do to save the world. By trying that, and notice that nobody else cares (they do not understand) you'll get frustrated and trying harder. In other peoples eyes you'll look like one of the strange persons you shall avoid, and you'll loose all your ignorant friends being alone in your little healthy world. Loneliness makes you depressed and miserable.

8. The health reason
Knowing everything about food, and how dangerous it is to eat it will make you very careful cooking and eating. You do not want to eat things that might cause cancer or other strange things with your body-even vegetables might do it from the insecticides. This will stop you from the social life by not being able to eat at a restaurant or when visiting your friends. You'll be a prisoner in the health-prison loosing your friends that feel bad when you don't like their food. Loosing friends will make you feel miserable.

The child reason
You'll probably get children. Knowing a lot will force you to help your children with their homework. Helping them with that will make it hard for you to have your own time in front of the internet reading things like this. That will make you start thinking why you ever got children (you know how to protect you because you know a lot). Thinking like that about your children will make you feel miserable.

10. The miserable reason
By knowing all the paragraphs above you'll feel miserable. Who wants to be miserable? Stop study and get a life...

The reason all the paragraphs above is crap:
Study hard and be master over your own life. Do not let anyone boss with you without any reason. The more you know the better you'll manage in all situations. Only you may change your life for the better. And about religion:You alone choose to believe or not, but make sure (by learning a lot) that you are not jumping into any sects fooling you...

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