Friday, January 20, 2012

Sex and politics

Again the republican election makes scandals. This time it is about Newt Gingrich. I know nothing about his political ambitions, so I will not touch that here.
What I know something about is sex and Gingrich.
According to CNN his ex wife said yesterday in an interview that he wanted to have an open relationship. That will be the issue for today.

I am divorced. I have a new wonderful love. Nothing strange with that in Sweden, but if I lived in a place where the Christian right or the Catholics were strong they would say I am a sinner.

Gingrich is where the Christian right is very strong now. Being divorced is not good for them looking in the Bible.

The other problem by being divorced is that you have an ex-something. Even if you divorce in a nice manners sooner or later jealousity that your former loved one has a new lover will make you say and do things not worthy an adult. I know it, I am divorced, and now Gingrich notices it too. His ex wife did not like that he found a new beloved one while she still loved him. Now she has the chance to get her revenge.

Lets look at the open relationship now.
Isn't that a private thing if they discussed that? A lot of couples have open relationships, and that is not my or any one else's business. She didn't like the idea and he accepted by divorcing her and choosed his new wife. Fine, lets get over it. It is a big difference between “open relationship” and “bomb Iran, start a war” like  Rick Santorum  wants to do. I feel pity for Newt maybe loosing for this reason (love) while his opponent Santorum wins because of war

Lets look at sex now.
How a person have sex, with one or two persons at the same time or with a man or woman, that is their private stuff (as long as it is not child abuse or rape). Noone else are allowed to interfear in that. To loose an election because you had sex with your wife to be is sick. Lets hope that the US understands that (they won't he will loose).

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