Wednesday, January 18, 2012

SOPA, Christian right and Censoring

Censoring is a popular activity among groups having their own beliefs, but are troubled by what the science reveals. I wrote about it in the Hypathia article, and among other countries the country of freedom, USA, did their best to prevent the film to be shown.

They, USA, have their Christian right (opposite of left). They are very concerned about the evolution theory and tries by all means to stop it and other scientific proved issues. Here are three of their atempts.

Creationistic science books

In the US there are approved to educate the children at home, or put them in religious schools. There are not much controll of the home education and the religious schools are not controlled as hard as in Sweden (I have worked in a muslim school in Sweden...I did teach about the real evolution and about the sexuallity. No problems). There are even school books written in pure creationistic views, harming the children by not letting them see what others believe. Thank God (?) there exists people like the one who writes the blogg 11 points to make others be aware of what is happening. It is dangerous, and 45 seconds into this video you'll see the result.

Intelligent design equal to the evolution

In 2005 the Kansas state board of education tried to discredit the evolution by introducing the ID:s teaching method. One student at the Oregon state University, Bobby Henderson, wrote an open letter to the board saying he wanted to have equal time for his religion too. Noone had ever heard of The Church of the Flying Spaghetti monster, and the board did not answer. Bobby published the letter on the net, and it became a success! The board lost the case. Thanks Bobby!


SOPA is, according to what they write, something to protect copywrite materials. As it works it also helps the christian right to be able to use the SOPA-law to try to stop web pages with materials they do not like. Wikipedia for instans will probably be one of the first pages to be closed. Even other pages that are not having any illegal materials on it will maybe be forced to closed just because they links to a page with illegal materials, according to Lennart Guldbrandsson (Swedish link) on the Swedish Wikimedia. As a result of this, and to try to succeed as good as Bobby and 11 points did, the english Wikipedia will have a total blackout 18th of January to show what will come if we let the US censor the internet. Here are the English wikimedia explanation.
What is a little bit confusing is why the US where talking about "Freedom of speech" during the Arabian spring", while themselves tries to stop those rights.

Lets hope our army of scientists and people searching for the truth will be able to stop this and make the world enter a new era. I think of Richard Dawkins (evolution), Simon Singh (fighting against the chiropractics) and VOF (Swedish sceptics) and many more.

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