Thursday, January 12, 2012


Once again chilean police have done it... On this film you see how a woman holding a baby is hit by the police in the south of Chile. (The same clip on youtube is cencored, you must log in because it is violent!) According to this Swedish link, from the Swedish radio, it is all about that the Mapuche, a tribe in the south, wants to keep their land. The government wants the land and the forest to build an airport and to sell it to companies. Threfor the government has mentioned that it is the Mapuche who has put the forest on fire. That is outrageuos, and a crime to their belief.

What is not written on that link is that the government uses the terrorist laws the dictator Pinochet made against the people on the left. That means that if a Mapuche complains he/she might be put in prisson without any trail for years- it is a terrorist!!!

Hope more and more non-mapuche reacts and lets their government know. For the cause of justice!

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