Thursday, December 15, 2011

Wikipedia soon closing down?

Once again wikipedia (and also youtube etc) are at risk for closing down due to some silly law... It is the SOPA-law that might harm a free internet.

Right now the different wikipedia-languages are discussing to close down for a while to show the US what might be the aftermatch for implementing this law. (But it seems like it will only be the English closing and maybe the rest showing there support by writing on a banner or something like that. What will happen in the different wiki's are something they decide and I can not check on everyone)

Some people might think it is right... "Just close every web-page that contains illegal things, (copywright)". Well is it so easy? In Sweden we have a law saying that if an author died for more than 70 years ago his/hers books are public domain and free to publish! Great, we have project Runeberg working hard to publish old litterature and newspapers from the nordic countries. Here is the problem: According to a law in the US are material like that protected for 95 years... making a lot of wikipedia articles and very much of project Runebergs material illegal in the US (country of freedom?)!!! For example the Swedish writer Selma Lagerlöf.
Sweden are then illegal and they will have to close webpages linking to these free online-sorces...

That was just an example to show how harmfull this new law might be for the world. The government in the US are the multinational companies little pet doing everything they say to get a small piece of the money-cookie. We in the rest of the world can't stop it, but I hope the thinking people in the US will do something and not just let the brainwash proceed (why am I not surprised THAT link to an article on wikipedia is dealing with matters in the United States?).

Tuesday, December 13, 2011

Hitchhiker's guide to the galaxy

This is the last assignment for me while studying English.

Once upon a time long long ago I read a book after listening to my older brother who said it was a great book. He said it was a trilogy in four parts. Impossible, I thought, but it was true! And that's the way this book works.

When I had to read a book now I thought: “Why not read that book again, but in English, it is always better to read in the original language”. (Of course I have read a lot of other English books lately, mostly by Tom Clancy and Robert Ludlum, but now I had to read for the class)

First short about his language, before I proceeds with the subject I have chosen: Critics of the society.


The author Douglas Adams had got magic fingers when he tapped on his computer, unfortunately he died before he wrote the last book “and another thing...”, which is the sixth part (Eion Colfer wrote it as a 30 years celebration of the first part).
He uses the laws of physics and the words different meanings so that you sometimes feel lost in a jungle of misunderstandings. One of my favorite quote is “the (space)ships hung in the sky in much the same way that bricks don't”.
Even the babelfish is an invention of Mr Adams which has been used in a lot of places, for example yahoo's translation tool Babel Fish.

Critics of the society

Religion is alway a nice subject to talk about, because everyone have something to say about it.
First of all, in the begining of the book he wrote about "a man nailed to a tree just because he wanted everyone to be polite to each other" (not a quote). It says a lot about how we humans are. Cruel and without logic.
Talking about logic we'll se how he kills God! "I refuse to prove that I exist,' says God, 'for proof denies faith, and without faith I am nothing." (chapter six) Just a logical proof and God ceases to exist.

Much of the critisism is hidden in peculiar was, like the money transactions "Many solutions were suggested for this problem (depressed people), but most of these were largely concerned with the movement of small green pieces of paper, which was odd because on the whole it wasn't the small green pieces of paper that were unhappy." He's got a very good point there, in the introduction to the book. The moving of green papers have killed many and made even more suffer a lot. 

In the third chapter of the first book the Vogons (space creatures) tells the humans that their planet are going to be destroyed, and that the plans have been out in the public for 50 years (in the center of the galaxy), so no use to complain. It is so obvious that the ordinary people have no chance against the bureaucrats when it comes to complain. There are even more places in the book about this, but I will let you read those passages by your self.

Why read this book?
That's a good question! The book is very strange and I know that a lot of people, especially non-nature science-people, have a hard time with it. If you are going to be an engineer you must have read it. It is a classics!

Monday, December 12, 2011

Demonstration i Israel

I wrote about Christians and Muslims. Well lets say something about the jews too, to make it fare.

In August 2011 someone published a video on youtube showing a demonstration. There a brave teenager from the US talks. He says he is a Jew, and he is aganist the treatment of the Palestinians. He speaks a lot, but he forgot one thing:
He was in Israel saying it!
Smart move? Depends on what he wanted. No matter what, the police did not like what he said and started to provoke him. It looked a lot like the picture from Chile in my article "take photos get gas" where the chilean police did outrages things, or "Memoria Viva! May we never forget!" where an officer shoots a woman with a tear gas gun.

The Israelian police beats him up, so that he tries to get away, which means harder grips-The police got what they wanted, a chance to hit him. It did not help to be a jew in Israel, if you are what they would call a "Self-hating jew". That kind of jew is not looked well upon in Israel.

But back to the topic. It is not about Palestine, I think, but about police brutality. Where is the thin line between the good police protecting us against crimes and when the police comittes crimes? As long as they get protection from the government it doesn't matter. We will always see this. Does that mean we shall let it pass? No, we have to talk about it, show our opinions about it and help those who are treated bad by the cops. Give them support in all countries (but not by threatening the police by saying "kill the cop"... that "justifies" their actions.)

Why write on Wikipedia

This article was first just intended to be used private as a help for me when I had an oral test in English. My subject was "Why write on Wikipedia". My teacher liked the subject, and after the test I promised him that I would publish it on my blog. I do not get any mark on this article, but I publish it with a purpose: To get more people into the wikipedia-writing.

Why write on Wikipedia

Link to a "Wiki-love"-picture (to not violate the copywright)

Wikipedia is a great encyclopedia containing a lot more than an ordinary encyclopedia. It has over 400 000 articles in the Swedish part (3.800.000 in English speaking wikipedia).

Some people complain and says they sometimes may see things not correct. That might be so, and the answer to them is often from the people writing on wiki: “Well, why do you not correct it? But do not forget to add valid sources-unless it is something misspelled”

By working like that the English speaking Wikipedia has got a rate of mistakes in the articles just slightly more than British encyclopedia, but with the difference that Wikipedia is more up to date and has a whole more of small subject articles.

How do I know this?

I am an administrator on the Swedish Wikipedia. That is an honor title, but gives me also some extra tools to help Wikipedia become better. You may get it by your way of contribute and if you gain the community's respect.

I started by testing how it worked. I thought it was easy to contribute, but it was first when I started to study medicine I noticed it's potentials. By reading on the Swedish Wikipedia about the different issues I had to learn I got a pretty good knowledge, after that I read the English article. I could have stopped there, but knowing my way of learning I translated the English article, by looking at it's sources and use them to make the Swedish article better. This improved my English, I learned the subject, and my colleges know they could trust the articles I had contributed to.

My purpose by telling you this is to try to make more people to start writing about their favorite subjects so that Wikipedia will get even better.
Another purpose is to make more people be aware who makes the job. It is not a company or a government whom you dislike and wants to destroy. It is ordinary people, like you and me, writing with love for education, freedom of speech. They know that a lot of the subjects would be banned in a dictatorship. On Wikipedia the dictators can't erase. It is a project for democracy.

Sunday, December 4, 2011

"Pedophilia accepted" according to el papa

Yesterday I happened to read this (spanish) in a Chilean paper. I couldn't believe it. "Outrageous! The pope says child rape was not so bad, it was normal at the time". First I thought it was about hundreds of years ago, like when Muhammad married his favorite wife Aisha when she was six and had sex with her when she was nine! 

Well, at the time of Muhammed life was different. Her life would probably have been terrible if she was not married with him, and some muslims says that "Muhammed having sex with Aisha at that young age  only shows he was not devine, but human. It is not good to do like that, but everyone has his/her faults" (while other muslims says "he was so big a profet that he might do as he wanted, and you are not allowed to speak bad about our profet, Allah akbar!").

The pope was not talking about the ancient times, according to this paper (english), or I am born during the ancient times, that means during the 1970th. That was in his "Christmas Greeting to the Roman curia" (his speech from the vatican)
In these two articles it is written that the pope think it was quite normal with child rape and child abuse 30 years ago, and that child pornography "seems in some way to be concidered more and more normal by the society". 

First about child pornography: Hasn't the pope read the papers? Every normal person in the world are against that crime. These normal people is even more outrageous about priest who likes child pornography.

About child rape. The pope is trying to protect his own, all the priests and bishops that have used their position to abuse children and women. For example Francisco José Cox, a bishop from Chile who abused children in his congregation.

Why protect people like that? Is he crazy, Benedic XVI? No, he must say like that to protect character indelibilis, the Godly mark a pope said exists in all catholic priests. It says that a priest can do whatever he wants. He has got the mark and will therefor come to heaven no matter what... He can put his hmhm in the body of a child and anyway come to God. Howcome that "mark" ever exists?
Well, it is because the Church father Augustine of Hippo. He said that "God choose whom will come to heaven from the begining (according to a book used in the priest education in Sweden: Kristendomen by Tarald Rasmussen, pagina 126), and therefor it doesn't matter what you do... it is called predestination. We have "fallen so far from God that we with the free will will only choose evil..." Well that is just what Cox and his fellows have done...

The pope could choose to leave old things that is wrong and say new things, but instead he tries to defend what is wrong  no matter what it costs. The old popes could not be wrong, according to his doctrine... they are "devine" (or was it "they are devil"?).

As long as the pope is not leaving the middle ages and starts to live in the present he will never get any respect from sane people. If he talked to SNAP, and listened to the survivors of sex abuse by priests he maybe would understand what he does to children by protecting priests like that. (or maybe HE wants to try to get something thick up his behind to understand better... or, like I wrote in the article about Richie Martin, the pope maybe is homosexual and likes it that way and wants others to like it too!) (To the catholics reading this: I know many nice catholics. I feel sorry for them having a chuch leader whom is so ignorante, but I have nothing against them- Just the leaders!!!)

This article I wrote for the children. I love children and wants them to be pure children loving life and playing. They should not be forced inte perverted sexual games by people with devine power scaring them to obey dirty things that you only should do voluntary because you want it and love your partner(s).

Save the children from the pope!

Saturday, December 3, 2011

Hypatia- Christian censorship victime

Old news
Hypatia was murdered by christian monks in a riot in Alexandria year 415. She was working in the Library of Alexandria until the pope Theophilus ordered it's destruction, he is now a saint in the coptic church. When the pope died Cyril became pope after his uncle. He ordered massacres of jews and pagans, and where in a conflict with the roman prefect, how had Hypatia as his advisor and philosophy teacher. That made Cyril trying to get her out of the way by all means, until he started a small riot so that monks attacked Hypatia on her way home, stripped her naked and dragged her through the city to a Christian tempel were they skinned her with tiles and then cut her body in parts. Finally they burnt her body. Cyril is a saint in most of the Christian churches, and one of the church fathers according to the Catholics.

That's history and fact, but how does that affect us?
2009 a great epic Spanish movie, Agora, went in the cinemas in most European countries telling this story, and it became the most visited spanish movie in Spain that year.. It was broadcasted in Swedish television this week. When the end of the movie came with the death of Hypatia (not showing all the cruellity made by the monks), my beloved one cried out load in the sofa next to me. She could not understand why and how, and she is a student of theology and christian history- knowing her subjects.

In Spain the catholic defens group Observatorio Antidifamación Religiosa wrote an open letter how the movie where raising hatred against Christianity and reinforcing false clichés about the Catholic church. When the director Amenábar responded that he wanted to say the movie was against those who kill in the name of their god the group responded "Why didn't you make a movie about the Middle East (the muslims they ment)?". Hey are we supposed to hide the truth here? That is facts, written by christian bishops during the time it happened.

In the US they did not want to buy the movie claiming it "was to intellectual and heavy". A silly claim. making US citizens look stupid by their own leaders (I know that is not true, not my friends there anyway...) The real reason seems to be the religious causes too. The companies where affraid to buy it, making the right fanatics of christianity in the US angry, and then loosing a lot of money. Maximum of theatres showing the movie duing a weekend in 2010 (the year they showed it there after a year of censorship) was 17. Only 17 in all of the US of A! What a terrible shame.

The coptic church, what did they do? Well, they stopped the movie from being shown in Egypt and poor Hypatias hometown Alexandria by claiming it "is an insult of the religion". Of course they say so, their saints real faces would be shown for the masses, scary to show that even christians have killed lika that?

I lika Hypatia. I use to show her as a good example, while teaching, of a woman scientist struggling because her sex, but being one of the best. She and Marie Curie will help the girls to find good examples that they are as good, or better, than the boys. That girls are ment to study math and science too!!!

May Hypatia not be a brick in a religios fight about a religion she did not even believe in. She believed in philosophy!

Monday, November 28, 2011

How many Gods is there in the Catholic belief?

I was brought up in a Lutheran home. My wife 2b comes from a catholic country.
She is studying at THS, Stockholm school of Theology, that means she has left the catholic church and now studies Christian religious history.
That is a very interesting subject, so I read just for fun too some of her literature. When we spoke about Luther and the ten Commandments we came in a dispute.
She did not understand what I was saying about the first! (Free translation, NOT from goggle translate:"You shall have no ther Gods than Me!")

Thats not right she said, it is "You shall put no other Gods in front of Me!".

After a small discussion we entered Wikipedia, and to her native language about the ten Commandments, spanish: "Amarás a Dios sobre todos las cosas"
That means "God above everything" nothing that there is only one!
Strange, I thought, and looked in english.
According to this catholic link it is:
"I am the Lord your God, you shall not have strange gods before me!"
Before me...Doesn't that mean in front of me? I translated into Swedish with google translate. It translated like I wrote before, but when I changed "gods" to "cars" it translated "in front of me"...
Even this link, commenting on how the catholic church tries to change the gospel (by changing the day of the sabbath which was foreseen in the Bible in Daniel 7:25), writes the same. (this is who that link belongs to: a remnant church. I do not say anything if they are good or bad, I do not know, but they wrote interesting there)

I know we have the same Bible, and if you read there you surely can see all Christians only have one God, but Luther had a good point in really writing that.
He saw how the catholics were praying to saints and reliques, just like they had devine powers. He saw people drinking "holy water". In his eyes it looked like those things where like sub-Gods, minor gods. You still may see that for example in South America were the drivers are saluting to all the crosses over people killed in accidents to make the spirit help them to a safe journey.

What is right and what is wrong? If you wonder, no matter what religion you are (or atheist and agnotic), look in the Bible yourself. The truth, what the Christians (and Jews) shall belive in, is written there (but if they are right about only one god, that is another question)

Sunday, November 27, 2011

Torture advertisment

Right now on Swedish chanals the postorder company cdon has an advertisment that is not so propper. It shows how a wife fools her husband by trapping him so that he hangs in a rope from the cealing while she takes the parcel with the movies.

Im' sure it is intended to be funny, but they missed something. For a lot of people immigrating to Sweden that was the reallity if the police took you. Torture and in the worse case disappearance.
Examples on countries where that have happened is Chile, during the dictatorship (at least 30 000 victims), Iran still on going... and a whole lot of African countries.

Why should a company care about them? Why shouldn't it? It is aganist the human rights with torture, and the victims have already nightmares about it. A company who does like that misses a lot in their tries to get new costumers. Victims of torture will never choose a company who makes fun of their feelings.
Hopefully the company will start thinking a little more global, even if the ads are not against the law they affect the viewers.

Thursday, November 24, 2011

Emergency, please fax this number!

Time for another elevator!
Last time I wrote about "vilorum", this time it is about emergency.
According to wikipedia an emergency most often needs an urgent intervention. That sounds resonable, someone is at risk and needs help.

If an elevator gets stuck you might call that an emergency. Most old elevators have an alarmbutton. New ones have started to have a telephone number. Thats good too.

In Heron city, a modern shopping center in the south of Stockholm in Sweden, they have a kind of modern solution for their elevators: "For emergency call this fax number: XX-XXX" Ehh, what?
Seriously, how did they think when they wrote that?
I can just imagine calling there, like a friend of mine did just to test if they had written wrong. Fancy having claustrophobia, hearing all those stranges sounds when you are allready scared stiff.

No more elevator there for me.

Wednesday, November 23, 2011

Memoria Viva! May we never forget!

When I was sitting reading on my facebook I got a link today about a the murderer and torturer Krassnoff (spanish link).  He was the leader of DINA, the "Chilean CIA" during the military dictatorship, involved in at least 91 cases of murdered and disappeared prisoners (search for his name among the other criminals in the list, english link). Two of his victims are:
Carmelo Soria, a spanish-Chilean UN-diplomat, assassinated by DINA and
Antonio Llido, a Catholic preast working socialy. forced disappeared. He was a great man, I know one of his students from the time when he was taken away. A great teacher in Chile. His body never found.

The first link tells the story about Krassnoff, but the worst part is that now (22 nov, according to the paper, spanish link) some people (organisations that liked him) where celebrating him, although he is in prison 144 years- may he rotten there, for "kidnapping, torture, murder and conspiracy".
Human rights organisations made a demonstration against this the celebration, and they had verbal argues. What happens then is incredible. One of the polices shoot an elder woman, who were scoulding them for celebrating a murderer, in the chest with a tear gas gun from maximum two meters!!! You can see that by yourselves on this youtube-clip (or in the last link above from the paper).

Ok, maybe he thought she was anoying (but who woulden't protest like that if your beloved relatives were tortured and killed?), but what do you think with to do something like that? That's criminal, and that is the second time in less than two months I write about Chile and tear gas guns. Last time it was Mr Maturana who got one stuck inside his underwear (read that article), and now this.

What is happening with the beautiful country Chile?

Memoria Viva!!! Live the memories of the disappeared, tortured, killed and forced in exile!!!

Sunday, November 20, 2011

Aliaa Magda Elmahdy, a HERO!

A beautiful young Egypt nude woman, proud of her body, but with a sad look in her face.
That could be one description of the 20 years old Aliaa Magda Elmahdy, when you look att her pictures on her blogg.
Why does a woman expose her body like that, and in a islamic country where you have to cover even the hair on your head...if you are a woman?
Well, THAT is just the point. She doesn't want to live in a fundamental islamistic country and did this in protest against people using a book they sees as holy to supress others. She wants freedom now, when they have been fighting for it together with the men. She is most probably afraid that Egypt will be like Iran, were the women was a very strong power during the revolution to help the new leader... but after that, when he didn't need teir help anymore he put them into women slavery laws again.
She sows it very well by in a second copy of the photo cover the sexual organ, the mouth and her eyes: "The yellow rectangels on my mouth, eyes and sex organ resembles the censoring of our knowledge, expression and sexuallity, she wrotes according to the Daily Beast.

To really understand why she did it we have to look closer to the Arab revolution in Egypt, and what happened last March. When soldiers took female activists during the protests they forced them to strip and then they inserted two fingers into their vaginas to see if they were virgins, according to the Guardian, who also wrote in the same article that that specific action will be the spark that lights the next part of the revolution. Here it comes.
According to the same article on the Guardian it is standard procedure to check the virginity when women are getting married in Egypt, but that is in the family. Poor stone age society, that even have to order artificial hymen from China to cover up a thing that science has known for ages: Not every women will bleed when having sex for the first time. The hymen is nat a proof of virginity-But this action is a proof of a patriarchal society trying to supress the women. Hope the women will start to protest against this too.

These nude protests have even spred to Israel, where a lot of women also strip now (not completely) in support of Aliaa, writes the Guardian in another article.

Maybe nothing will happen this time, but the more support Aliaa and the women gets now the easier it will be for them to win freedom. After Egypt we have Iran, and then Saudi Arabia (read my previous article about that).

You have my support, Aliaa!!!


After all the political and religious bloggin it is time for something funny.

This is about two Swedish words that are a little bit confusing.
Just add a letter "o", the word vilrum is easier to say, but it gets a completely different meaning.
The funny thing is that it is spelt wrong on a lot of places in Sweden. For example in my school, KTH -The Royal institute of technology, next to the elevator it is written "vilorum for students" and "vilorum for teacher" (but all written in Swedish).
So, what's wrong, you might wonder.
Well, vilrum means a room to rest if you are tired or have a headache, while...
Vilorum is another word for grave, in Swedish!!! (press on "Svenska"on the link to see that is true).
This means that in my school we have graves for students and teacher that worked a little bit too much, or?

So as the well known paper in Sweden, SvD says: Take care to go to the right room in Sweden if you want to rest for a while before you proceed to study.

Saturday, November 19, 2011

Muslim men, cover your eyes!

Many muslim women cover themselves because they want to, according to the Quran. Let them do that, it is their choice.
The issue is instead when some men tries to use a "holy book" to keep their own power and supress the people. When some muslim men forces the women to cover them, like in Iran, and makes rules to supress them even more.
One example is a poor girl in Tehran 2005. She said she was raped by two men. Her sentence was 100 laches for lying about the men so they could have gotten a capital punichment, and having sex. The men got 30-40 laches for having sex, according to BBC. This is just one sad example what happens in Iran.

In Saudi Arabia some men have problems with women having "attractive eyes", according to mail online.
I wonder why the **** the men have to look at the women then? They have the choise to not look. Why do they have to make rules for the women to cover them even more? Why can't the men woh do not want to see the women cover teir own eyes? Are the government in that country so loose minded that they can not stop thinking about sex? Well go to a psyciatric then.

Why couldn't they make rules to have public flogging on the men looking at the women, like the Committe for the promotion of virtue and the preventing of the vice who makes these terrible discriminating rules and controlling that they are followed by letting people die. This so called religious police stopped 2002 the female students (age young- 18 years old)  in a burning school to run from the building because they were not propperly covered. 15 young women died and at least 50 were burnt. As BBC recorded they locked the gates to stop them from coming out because they wre not propper muslim dressed. Shouldn't that so called police get the same punishment? Burn them, the male religious police, but not so they die, but they have to live with the pain!

Sorry for writing so hard words, but I get angry when I read about things like this. Old men treating young women like that. The sad thing is that it is NOT religion they are trying to keep, but the POWER. It is written in their book that all religion is between yourself and Allah, not between you and a government. Don´t they know that, and they call themselves muslims?
All my respect to real muslims, living according to their book, I know a lot of them and I have worked with some of them too in a muslim school. But I can and will not respect muslims (or christians or other religions) who tries to force a religion on others with guns and killing those who will not accept their so called god.

Friday, November 18, 2011

Religious love hurts!

The Swedish paper Aftonbladet wrote (in swedish) about Benetton and their ads called "The unhate project".

Well, they did maybe show the world something I have written about before - do not care who loves whom- but now they are in trouble. The pope, who kisses the top leader of sunni islam (montage) is not happy. The Aftonbladet writes (in swedish): "The kiss shows the christian love message, but of course it is a difference between love and love. The pope has in other discussions really told what he thinks about kisses between people with beards".

And the Vatican says "This is a grave lack of respect for the pope", according to Reuters. Lack of respect?  I do not like the sms-language, bet here it suits to write LOL (laughing out loud). What kind of respect has the pope showed for the women? none. He still thinks small girls raped by their fathers, and pregnant, shall give birth to their "love-children" because Humanae Vitae says so. Dear pope, when you respect the women we might start respecting you. By still believing in Humanae Vitae you are damaging your dignity and the Chaotic church.

Back to Benetton.
Your message is good. You'll most probably sell some clothes, and maybe you'll loose some money to the pope... what will he do with the money? a new hat (the white thing on his head is ugly)? or give it to the poor people (most uncertain he will... he doesn't live the life he tries to teach others...give to the church).

That photo was what I hoped poolia would have after their christian funny ad, earlier in my blogg, were I wrote it is time to do something funny with the muslims too.

Thursday, November 17, 2011

Story of stuff

During my studies in english I have to look at the youtube-clip Story of stuff. That might sound booooring, but I hope you have time to look at it. It really makes you think how the system of consumption works in the US. That could be our future too, if we don't take care.

Now to the point of the clip. The people elect a president "by the people, for the people", but thanks to Victor Lebow 1955 they elect the president "by the people, for the corporations!". Acording to the clip the president is not working for the people but for the companies.
The corporations are using the resorces in the third world, and as en effect of that the people there have to find new places to get working for the companies with all the toxic subjects that they use of some strange kind of reason. The toxic will just make the consumers more stupid and make them willing to buy more and the spiral of destruction of the world is working.

To get take care of the waste the US burns it, creating dioxine and other harmfull stuff. What they are thinking of is not easy to understand, but it seems like they, the owners of the corporations, have found their God- MONEY, and can not see their Devil- Waste. How many poor humans have not been sacrified on their altar for a few pennies more?

Now it is time for us, atheists, agnostics, christians, muslims, jews or other believes to break down the altar of money and start building up a new system that will not destroy the world, like the nobel price winner Al Gore talks about.

Sunday, November 13, 2011

Jesus, why did you recruit wrong...or?

Poolia, a company recruiting staff to other companies here in Sweden, has a new advertisement using Jesus.
Is that right or wrong?
Is the advertisement correct?
I will answer both questions here.

First of all. Yes, I think it is okay to joke about religions. Why shouldn't you, it is a part of our culture, and in Sweden we have laws allowing that, as long as you are not racistic.
Well, so that was some kind of joke, but will Poolia dare to joke about the second largest religion in Sweden? Islam? That must then be teir next step to not make any diffenece between religions (to not break the laws in Sweden). I don't think they dare to do that, and that is too bad. Even Islam has a lot of things you can and may joke about, but they will probably get sued for "racism" then. The other thing that might happen is that they will be thretened by people not understanding the swedish culture and laws thinking that even if THEY fled from islamistic countrys harsh rules they want to use those rules in Sweden. That is terrible wrong, they are in Sweden because we believe in the goodness in every person, not in one or another religion. They are free, just like the Christians, to believe in their religion, but they are not allowed to try to force it on us. They must also understand that we do not belive in their Muhammad even if we respect teir belief, and that we will never respect the fact that he married a child and had sexual intercourse with her still being 9 or 10 years old- That is Aisha his favorite wife I am talking about.

Now back to Jesus.
Did Jesus recruit wrong when he took Judas Iscariot under his wings?
My opinion is NO, he did not wrong. If Judas hadn't told on him to the Romans, then Jesus would not have died on the cross and he wouldn't have taken all our sins (according to the Christians). This might be a Gnostic view, and it is written about it in the gnostic Gospel of Judas, but it seems pretty obvious that without Jesus dying, no Christianity. Isn't it therefor it is called the Good Friday in english (but the long friday in Swedish)?

Now we will wait and see what happens with this adverticement.

Thursday, November 10, 2011

Initiative 26, Law aganist abortions, LOST!!! YES!!!

My o my,
What is happening in the ultra right so Called Christians USA?
How can they even think of trying to vote against the women's right over their own body, in the Initiative 26? That was a proposal to say that you are a human just when the sperm enters the egg. Even if you where raped by your own family members you would not be allowed to make an abortion. That would suite the pope too, whom I wrote about a while ago, who wants Humanae Vitae to be a dictator law all over the world.

I LOVE women! Every woman in the world are a magnificent being, a castle worth protecting against evil. They are, just like all men (also worth loving) like individual countries. No country wants another country to rule over it by force. That should be the same with the women and men, but you may make a treaty to rule two countries together!! like husband and wife, or husband and husband or wife and wife (that is between the countries, homosexual or heterosexual is up to them-not me, not the Pope or anyone else than thoese making the treaty).

Luckily everyone in the US are not like Haley Barbour, gov in Mississippi, who voted FOR the law. Wonders how he would vote if his daugther (if he has anyone) was raped and pregnant. Would he then take the daughter to another state to make an abortion? The rich use to do like that, but the poor do not have money...
Opponents in Nevada, aganist a similar law where happy to see that Haley lost, and the Roe v. Wade will still be valid. Thank GOD there are sane people between Mexico and Canada!

Monday, November 7, 2011

Ricky Martin gay and (not) singing in Honduras?

And? Why should I care? That is not any problem of mine, just like I shall not care if the king of Saudi Arabia is homosexual (doubt that he is, with his wives and children) or the pope (here I can not have the same doubts... no wife, no known children and he says he is devoting his life to a god that is called upon with He. Also the pope attacks other homosexuals, which is usual with people not coming out from the closet yet. But he has got the character indelebilis, so he is free to do anything).

Mr Martin is a great Latin music singer. With that kind of music it use to be a lot of moving hips and slightly less clothes than in the second country mentioned above (except in movies called “Arabian nights”). He should have had a concert in Honduras, but after some kind of discussions between a pentecostal church and the Catholic church, which the government belongs to, the government did not give him permission to have his concert. They tell us in this YouTube clip (Spanish) about their decision. The reasons are the following:

The show is to sexualized for the people. I recognize that from when Madonna were on a concert in Valparaiso, Chile, to sing and their ex-bishop who loved the dictator (much male love here) condemned the music of Madonna to be of a bad moral and not good to listen too.

The sexuality of Mr Martin seems also to be of great importance for those churches that stopped him. It is immorality to be homosexual, is their opinion. Why should they bother about someone else sexuality as long as it doesn't hurt someone else? Don't they believe in a god that will be the judge, then they shall not judge themselves. “The one who has never done wrong throw the first stone”. Seems like we have a whole group of saints in Honduras now.
My opinion is like I said above. Why care about others like that. Are they jealous on his partner? Okay, but it is not right to do like that anyway.

A third reason, which is not mentioned in the clip might be that Honduras is friendly with the US. Mr Martin and Shakira contributed in demonstrations against the way the US government treats the immigrants from Latin America, with the new Arizona immigration law. That was not popular from the politically right side. They want the illegal immigrants to work cheaply for them, but in the same time throw them out when they are not needed. My guess is that the US wouldn't work without them, and these two tried to make the conditions better for the immigrants, and shows his middle finger at the president Bush on his war in Iraq. So do not play with the big ones unless you are prepared for strange retaliations!

Wonders who are the “Mal Ejemplo” in this story?

Friday, November 4, 2011

Hitler in Argentina

Interesting subject. Did Adolf Hitler escape the bunker with his wife Eva Braun? This has been discussed for a long time, but the death in the bunker and the proof of the scull part at the museum in Moscow have killed the rumors. According to the article Did Hitler and Eva Braun flee Berlin and die (divorced) of old age in Argentina? in DailyMail the scull belonged to a woman, and even the author Abel Basti has written two books about the escape to Bariloche, the last book was published in October 2011 is named Hitler in Argentina. He seems to have a lot of evidence for this, but until other historians looks into this matter and investigates it from their point of view it is too early to say it is true.

What we can be sure of is that a lot of the nazi's did go to South America, like Mengele in Argentina and Walter Rauff in Chile. Their special skills where sometimes used by dictators for example in Colonia Dignidad and Rauffs involvements in DINA, both in Chile. But this story claims an own article.

Wednesday, October 19, 2011

Lazarus and the pope (Yes! No capital letter)

This Sunday I was in church listening to an interesting pastor in the Swedish Missionskyrkan (link in english). He talked about The Parable of the rich man and Lazarus in the New Testament.
He talked about the poor man hungry, so weak he could not chase away the dogs licking his wounds, while the rich man was feasting not bothering. Well they both died and Lazarus came to Abraham and the other guy to a not so pleasant place. There he begged Lazarus to help him and warn his brothers. Abraham stopped him.
The Pastor talked about helping and giving if you afford it. have an open heart and so on. Very colorful and nice. The children listened. I liked it too, and started to think:
Who is one of the richest in the world? Well isn't it the pope in Rome? And, correct me if I'm wrong, doesn't he have millions of believers who trust in him? And a looooot of them live in very poor conditions. Did the pope miss the chapter in the Bible where Jesus is talking about Lazarus, or did he missunderstand it somehow? Or is he just joining the rich man? Oh no, I forgot: Character Indelible He has got the mark and are for ever forgiven (according to some old popes saying) for all his sins. So pope in Rome, you may sit and eat and drink whatever you want without thinking about the tenth and the poor people starving to death (sure they shall be happy in heaven).
You may also doom thoese people (especially the poor women) by forcing them to not use birth controll (like condoms) so that they risk to get HIV and also too many children that will throw them even deaper down in povertry. Well done, Ye oh holyness, didn't you understand that Humanea Vitae was a big mistake written by another misstake?

Enough of miserable thought now. If there is a God she/he will not listen to an old pope saying "I am forgiven, because I am a pope", but the God will follow its own rules and punish thoese who does wrong no matter what. Tooooo bad for you, Benedictus XVI! (Doesn't it look like the horns already have grown out on his head on this Wikipedia article? :-)

Tuesday, October 18, 2011

Wikipedia made a Constitution

The power of Wikipedia has showed itself again. In this Swedish article from the paper Ny Teknik they refere to Wikipedia "If 100 000 people can make an encyclopedia, why not make a constitution too". That was the thought of two internet-entrepreneurs in Morocco. They made a page during the night after the king's speach and got such a huge respond and comments that the king, Mohammed VI,  listened.
The statistics (in english) shows the respond. This is really wiki-love

Monday, October 17, 2011

Trade and the Environment

I happened to find an interesting article named Trade and the Environment. It is quite long therefor I didn't have time to read all, but one interesting point they say is the following:

According to WHO (World Trade Organization) a country is not allowed to to make a trade embargo against another country based upon environmental issues in the other country. The examples they gave was tuna fishing in Mexico and shrimps in Asia.

That is a pity, but we have an option. We, the consumers may stop buying the products that are not good for the environment or not good according to social aspects at the production place. If we changes our way of buying the producers are forced to follow us, and no government may force us to buy unhealthy things.
We may also organize us in organizations, like Fairtrade, or the neutral written wikipedia article about them.

Alone we are weak, but together we may change the world.

Wednesday, October 12, 2011

Take photos get gas.

The protests in Chile proceeds, and the police is geting worse against the protesters. I heard about a man who was taken by the police some days ago. His name is Francisco Maturana. A music teacher, father and freelancer (photographer). The right place to be as a photographer is where things are happening. This time he happened to be "the things", when the carabineros- the riot police, were not pleased to be captured on photos (is my guess).
They grabbed him, dragged the clothes of is upper part of the body and put a tear-gas gun in his pants. Why the .... (excuse the language) do something like that on a 55+ years old man with a camera? That is torture and could have been his death if he had a bad heart. Luckily he was not the only one there with a camera, and now the pictures are broadcasted all over Chile, and Mr Maturana is interviewed on Chiles biggest newspapers and television. This will be a big blow for the government, and as a student I hope this terrible thing will help the cause for better conditions for the students.

Tuesday, October 11, 2011

Chilean Winter

Strong student protests all winter in Chile. They want better economical situations, and demands that more public higher education schools are built, which have not been done for a long time although there have been an huge increase of students lately.

Sebastián Piñera, the president, has huge problems now, he is the worse evaluated president in the history of Chile, including the dictatorship (1973-1990), in terms of credibility and population trust. Much because of the student protests.  72% to 81% of Chileans support the student movement, so as a populist the choice should be easy for him: Listen to the students, they are the future of the country!

Wednesday, October 5, 2011

Wikipedia Italy is on streik

From yesterday the italian Wikipedia started a strike (link works during the sreik)  for the freedom of information after the italian Parliament is debating a law that will force evry page on the internet to change facts about people if the person do not like it. The paragraph 29, explained in english and swedish on that link, do not make a third part jury controll if the fact is true or not, you are just forced to erase it and put the persons version instead.

This sounds like a law that suits everyone that have some kind of problems with the law, but do not want their 'mistakes' to be public. If it also is implemented on the newspapers Berlusconi will have a new powerful weapon to fight all the rumors about him.

This is a dangerous step towards controlling facts. The winner of a war uses to write the history, but with the internet even the loosers history have a chance to be seen and heard so that others can make their own oppinion on who was right and who was wrong. The fondation of wikipedia is freedom of speach freedom of facts. Therefor I support the italian Wikipedia in their fight against the paragraph 29
Swedish article one more article
Italian article

The streik is over, and the italians will be able to read wiki in italian again!! Link in english

Tuesday, October 4, 2011

Snooping Bosses

“If you have nothing to hide, why do you worry?”, is a device often used by the authorities and companies that wants to have better surveillance of the community or the company. This is also what they indirect say in the article Snooping Bosses by Time, 3 Sept 2006. In some conditions I agree, when it is about the safety for the masses, but where should we draw the line when it is too much? Who should draw that line?

The government many thinks, because they are democratically elected. That might be true, and that's why we have the FRA-law in Sweden. A law that tracks everything on the internet and saves it “to be able to find criminals”. Treated correctly I'm sure it will work good, but who can assure that?

If we starts to look at the country the reportage is about, the USA. That is a so called democratic country which since the constitution was signed worked for equal rights and freedom of speech. Very nice and utopian thoughts, especially if you think of the great Thomas Jefferson, the principal author of the Declaration of Independence who fought for the freedom of the slaves, or? He had slaves himself! The Northern government were afraid that the South would separate and then they would loose much money and power. The question about slaves was just a part of the problem, which made it easier to get the farmers fight for them.
The freedom to have you own opinion never really occurred in the US. One hundred years later J Edgar Hoover got scared by Stalin and the Communism and started his secret COINTELPRO, to prevent people having an own opinion about freedom. A lot of workers were imprisoned after telephone surveillance and slipping your tongue saying a few non Capitalistic words.

The control of the masses by fear worked pretty well, but the US was not satisfied. They wanted a better and bigger experiment for their economically suppression of the workers, in the words of the Noble price winner Milton Friedman (1976), you would say The Miracle of Chile. He didn't act, himself but his students, the so-called Chicago boys. After some cooperation from CIA the military coup d'État in Chile 9/11 1973 was a truth. Once again control of the masses with the help of fear and communication surveillance helped the dictator and his Chicago Boys to make the economic experience, but that story is about something else. Even today they have passport controls while driving through the long country for “safety”. Everything is about controlling and keeping the power.

Almost thirty years later, 9/11 2001 the world entered another surveillance-era when president Bush started his war on terrorism by ordering other countries to follow his rules. To be able to have direct flights to the US they had to follow strict orders of how to control the travelers, in the name of safety. A lot of those rules are silly and annoying for the travelers, because if a real terrorist wants to do something he will easy find other ways to scare the great Nation of Freedom, like in Tom Clancy's The teeth of the Tiger.
Even the economical laws he implemented, forcing foreign countries banks to send facts about transaction to CIA, are horrible. Yes, I agree that the WTC attacks was terrible, but that does not give another country the right to interfere like that in the rest of the world, to try to control the people in other countries too.

After this long historical encounter of the Country of Freedom, to show what happens when a country uses the fear to justify more and harder controls of the masses, I shall come to a conclusion. Some kinds of control is good, not everyone are kindhearted, but where shall we draw the line? Shall we have a group of politicians and religious leaders discussing what values are good for the masses, and then implement it on us? I don't think so, because maybe I am not a believer of those religions and why should I then have to obey them?
The best is to look at the freedom of the people, not like they do in the US and look at the freedom of the companies. Sweden, with its FRA-law is not perfect, but it is way better than a country that tries to build in fear in the inhabitants to be able to make them to a new kind of slaves for the government and the companies. Where is the freedom then? We in Sweden are not allowed to let it be as bad as it is in The US.

Monday, October 3, 2011

Presentation of the blogger

My name is Harald, and I live in Sweden. I am a former teacher in math and science. I have worked as a teacher for 14 years in Sweden and one year in USA , in high school and in special education. During that time I also got three children, boys, who are 13, 12 and six years old. My partner also have two children age 12, so totally we have five children.

A year ago I decided to change career to get more time for my children and less negative stress as a teacher. Therefor I applied to KTH to the program och medical engineering. Now, the second semester, I need to get some extra points and therefor I applied to study technical english at the University in Karlstad. Even if it is not in my program I think it is very important to know the technical language and also have a grade in it when you work in that area.

During this course I have to start a blogg and do some assignments on it. Therefor I started my first blogg ever. I will probably use it to write some about other things than the assignments too.