Monday, November 7, 2011

Ricky Martin gay and (not) singing in Honduras?

And? Why should I care? That is not any problem of mine, just like I shall not care if the king of Saudi Arabia is homosexual (doubt that he is, with his wives and children) or the pope (here I can not have the same doubts... no wife, no known children and he says he is devoting his life to a god that is called upon with He. Also the pope attacks other homosexuals, which is usual with people not coming out from the closet yet. But he has got the character indelebilis, so he is free to do anything).

Mr Martin is a great Latin music singer. With that kind of music it use to be a lot of moving hips and slightly less clothes than in the second country mentioned above (except in movies called “Arabian nights”). He should have had a concert in Honduras, but after some kind of discussions between a pentecostal church and the Catholic church, which the government belongs to, the government did not give him permission to have his concert. They tell us in this YouTube clip (Spanish) about their decision. The reasons are the following:

The show is to sexualized for the people. I recognize that from when Madonna were on a concert in Valparaiso, Chile, to sing and their ex-bishop who loved the dictator (much male love here) condemned the music of Madonna to be of a bad moral and not good to listen too.

The sexuality of Mr Martin seems also to be of great importance for those churches that stopped him. It is immorality to be homosexual, is their opinion. Why should they bother about someone else sexuality as long as it doesn't hurt someone else? Don't they believe in a god that will be the judge, then they shall not judge themselves. “The one who has never done wrong throw the first stone”. Seems like we have a whole group of saints in Honduras now.
My opinion is like I said above. Why care about others like that. Are they jealous on his partner? Okay, but it is not right to do like that anyway.

A third reason, which is not mentioned in the clip might be that Honduras is friendly with the US. Mr Martin and Shakira contributed in demonstrations against the way the US government treats the immigrants from Latin America, with the new Arizona immigration law. That was not popular from the politically right side. They want the illegal immigrants to work cheaply for them, but in the same time throw them out when they are not needed. My guess is that the US wouldn't work without them, and these two tried to make the conditions better for the immigrants, and shows his middle finger at the president Bush on his war in Iraq. So do not play with the big ones unless you are prepared for strange retaliations!

Wonders who are the “Mal Ejemplo” in this story?

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