Saturday, November 19, 2011

Muslim men, cover your eyes!

Many muslim women cover themselves because they want to, according to the Quran. Let them do that, it is their choice.
The issue is instead when some men tries to use a "holy book" to keep their own power and supress the people. When some muslim men forces the women to cover them, like in Iran, and makes rules to supress them even more.
One example is a poor girl in Tehran 2005. She said she was raped by two men. Her sentence was 100 laches for lying about the men so they could have gotten a capital punichment, and having sex. The men got 30-40 laches for having sex, according to BBC. This is just one sad example what happens in Iran.

In Saudi Arabia some men have problems with women having "attractive eyes", according to mail online.
I wonder why the **** the men have to look at the women then? They have the choise to not look. Why do they have to make rules for the women to cover them even more? Why can't the men woh do not want to see the women cover teir own eyes? Are the government in that country so loose minded that they can not stop thinking about sex? Well go to a psyciatric then.

Why couldn't they make rules to have public flogging on the men looking at the women, like the Committe for the promotion of virtue and the preventing of the vice who makes these terrible discriminating rules and controlling that they are followed by letting people die. This so called religious police stopped 2002 the female students (age young- 18 years old)  in a burning school to run from the building because they were not propperly covered. 15 young women died and at least 50 were burnt. As BBC recorded they locked the gates to stop them from coming out because they wre not propper muslim dressed. Shouldn't that so called police get the same punishment? Burn them, the male religious police, but not so they die, but they have to live with the pain!

Sorry for writing so hard words, but I get angry when I read about things like this. Old men treating young women like that. The sad thing is that it is NOT religion they are trying to keep, but the POWER. It is written in their book that all religion is between yourself and Allah, not between you and a government. Don´t they know that, and they call themselves muslims?
All my respect to real muslims, living according to their book, I know a lot of them and I have worked with some of them too in a muslim school. But I can and will not respect muslims (or christians or other religions) who tries to force a religion on others with guns and killing those who will not accept their so called god.

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