Friday, November 18, 2011

Religious love hurts!

The Swedish paper Aftonbladet wrote (in swedish) about Benetton and their ads called "The unhate project".

Well, they did maybe show the world something I have written about before - do not care who loves whom- but now they are in trouble. The pope, who kisses the top leader of sunni islam (montage) is not happy. The Aftonbladet writes (in swedish): "The kiss shows the christian love message, but of course it is a difference between love and love. The pope has in other discussions really told what he thinks about kisses between people with beards".

And the Vatican says "This is a grave lack of respect for the pope", according to Reuters. Lack of respect?  I do not like the sms-language, bet here it suits to write LOL (laughing out loud). What kind of respect has the pope showed for the women? none. He still thinks small girls raped by their fathers, and pregnant, shall give birth to their "love-children" because Humanae Vitae says so. Dear pope, when you respect the women we might start respecting you. By still believing in Humanae Vitae you are damaging your dignity and the Chaotic church.

Back to Benetton.
Your message is good. You'll most probably sell some clothes, and maybe you'll loose some money to the pope... what will he do with the money? a new hat (the white thing on his head is ugly)? or give it to the poor people (most uncertain he will... he doesn't live the life he tries to teach others...give to the church).

That photo was what I hoped poolia would have after their christian funny ad, earlier in my blogg, were I wrote it is time to do something funny with the muslims too.

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