Thursday, November 24, 2011

Emergency, please fax this number!

Time for another elevator!
Last time I wrote about "vilorum", this time it is about emergency.
According to wikipedia an emergency most often needs an urgent intervention. That sounds resonable, someone is at risk and needs help.

If an elevator gets stuck you might call that an emergency. Most old elevators have an alarmbutton. New ones have started to have a telephone number. Thats good too.

In Heron city, a modern shopping center in the south of Stockholm in Sweden, they have a kind of modern solution for their elevators: "For emergency call this fax number: XX-XXX" Ehh, what?
Seriously, how did they think when they wrote that?
I can just imagine calling there, like a friend of mine did just to test if they had written wrong. Fancy having claustrophobia, hearing all those stranges sounds when you are allready scared stiff.

No more elevator there for me.

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