Thursday, November 10, 2011

Initiative 26, Law aganist abortions, LOST!!! YES!!!

My o my,
What is happening in the ultra right so Called Christians USA?
How can they even think of trying to vote against the women's right over their own body, in the Initiative 26? That was a proposal to say that you are a human just when the sperm enters the egg. Even if you where raped by your own family members you would not be allowed to make an abortion. That would suite the pope too, whom I wrote about a while ago, who wants Humanae Vitae to be a dictator law all over the world.

I LOVE women! Every woman in the world are a magnificent being, a castle worth protecting against evil. They are, just like all men (also worth loving) like individual countries. No country wants another country to rule over it by force. That should be the same with the women and men, but you may make a treaty to rule two countries together!! like husband and wife, or husband and husband or wife and wife (that is between the countries, homosexual or heterosexual is up to them-not me, not the Pope or anyone else than thoese making the treaty).

Luckily everyone in the US are not like Haley Barbour, gov in Mississippi, who voted FOR the law. Wonders how he would vote if his daugther (if he has anyone) was raped and pregnant. Would he then take the daughter to another state to make an abortion? The rich use to do like that, but the poor do not have money...
Opponents in Nevada, aganist a similar law where happy to see that Haley lost, and the Roe v. Wade will still be valid. Thank GOD there are sane people between Mexico and Canada!

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