Sunday, November 13, 2011

Jesus, why did you recruit wrong...or?

Poolia, a company recruiting staff to other companies here in Sweden, has a new advertisement using Jesus.
Is that right or wrong?
Is the advertisement correct?
I will answer both questions here.

First of all. Yes, I think it is okay to joke about religions. Why shouldn't you, it is a part of our culture, and in Sweden we have laws allowing that, as long as you are not racistic.
Well, so that was some kind of joke, but will Poolia dare to joke about the second largest religion in Sweden? Islam? That must then be teir next step to not make any diffenece between religions (to not break the laws in Sweden). I don't think they dare to do that, and that is too bad. Even Islam has a lot of things you can and may joke about, but they will probably get sued for "racism" then. The other thing that might happen is that they will be thretened by people not understanding the swedish culture and laws thinking that even if THEY fled from islamistic countrys harsh rules they want to use those rules in Sweden. That is terrible wrong, they are in Sweden because we believe in the goodness in every person, not in one or another religion. They are free, just like the Christians, to believe in their religion, but they are not allowed to try to force it on us. They must also understand that we do not belive in their Muhammad even if we respect teir belief, and that we will never respect the fact that he married a child and had sexual intercourse with her still being 9 or 10 years old- That is Aisha his favorite wife I am talking about.

Now back to Jesus.
Did Jesus recruit wrong when he took Judas Iscariot under his wings?
My opinion is NO, he did not wrong. If Judas hadn't told on him to the Romans, then Jesus would not have died on the cross and he wouldn't have taken all our sins (according to the Christians). This might be a Gnostic view, and it is written about it in the gnostic Gospel of Judas, but it seems pretty obvious that without Jesus dying, no Christianity. Isn't it therefor it is called the Good Friday in english (but the long friday in Swedish)?

Now we will wait and see what happens with this adverticement.

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