Wednesday, November 23, 2011

Memoria Viva! May we never forget!

When I was sitting reading on my facebook I got a link today about a the murderer and torturer Krassnoff (spanish link).  He was the leader of DINA, the "Chilean CIA" during the military dictatorship, involved in at least 91 cases of murdered and disappeared prisoners (search for his name among the other criminals in the list, english link). Two of his victims are:
Carmelo Soria, a spanish-Chilean UN-diplomat, assassinated by DINA and
Antonio Llido, a Catholic preast working socialy. forced disappeared. He was a great man, I know one of his students from the time when he was taken away. A great teacher in Chile. His body never found.

The first link tells the story about Krassnoff, but the worst part is that now (22 nov, according to the paper, spanish link) some people (organisations that liked him) where celebrating him, although he is in prison 144 years- may he rotten there, for "kidnapping, torture, murder and conspiracy".
Human rights organisations made a demonstration against this the celebration, and they had verbal argues. What happens then is incredible. One of the polices shoot an elder woman, who were scoulding them for celebrating a murderer, in the chest with a tear gas gun from maximum two meters!!! You can see that by yourselves on this youtube-clip (or in the last link above from the paper).

Ok, maybe he thought she was anoying (but who woulden't protest like that if your beloved relatives were tortured and killed?), but what do you think with to do something like that? That's criminal, and that is the second time in less than two months I write about Chile and tear gas guns. Last time it was Mr Maturana who got one stuck inside his underwear (read that article), and now this.

What is happening with the beautiful country Chile?

Memoria Viva!!! Live the memories of the disappeared, tortured, killed and forced in exile!!!

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