Monday, June 4, 2012

Italian Fear for Rascists!

In the Swedish newspaper SvD (Swe link) they write about the Italian fotball player Mario Balotelli who is the big question if he will play in European Championship in Fotball. If he is subjected to racism, he leaves the plan immediately and goes home. He don't tolerate racism. Now coach Cesare Prandelli is supporting Balotelli to stay in the European Championship, by saying he will leave the bench andwalk out on the pitch if it happens. The team is also supporting Balotelli because he is a good player and very very important. The Italian team talked in a press conference last Thursday and said that they will help him with problems and if they sing racist songs. The group who Italy is playing in is C where SpainCroatia, and Ireland also plays. Italy will be staying in a hotel in Krakow (Poland).

According to the Telegraph he said it after hearing warnings from Sol Campbell in a BBC program about violence in football. Ukraine and Poland reacted strongly and disliked what he said.

My opinion is clear here.

I believe that Poland will do a good job in protecting everybody against rascists. I've been there and seen how helpful they are and trust them. One thing they can't protect against is that after hearing Balotelli saying like that surely some people will sing rascistic songs if they are on the edge to loose playing with Italy!
To understand this you only have to look at Sweden. That is a safe country, but anyway there are rascists there that say studipd things. For example did the party secretary in Sverigedemokraterna, Björn Söder, say "Sweden?" (Swe link) on his facebook page when Sweden won the Eurovision Song Contest 2012 (Read more on this post). Sweden had a singer those parents were born in Morocco, and the party have a lot of people from the old Neo-nazist party among their voters. If Sweden has dirty among their "top" politicians, then it is no wonder if it happens to be some in Poland too. That is no excuse, we all have to proceed fighting for the equal rights for everybody.

Ukraine, on the other hand, I doubt will be able to protect the players and audiance against rascists. Why? Because if they can't protect their own ex-premier minister and democratic fighter, Tymoshenko, against the dictator and a seven years long time in prison, why should they want to protect foreigners?Also by listening to people in Romania makeing me doubt. When I was going to travell by car from the north of Romania to Poland I was told it was unsafe to drive past Ukraine, although I would save 400 kilometers. I was told stories about cars being stoped by the police and robbed and other things. Well, I doubt in Ukraine, but we will see. Time will tell.

Lets hope that the players dare to fight un-democratic powers in the world by telling that Ukraine is a dictatorship and that they should releaseTymoshenko, just like Loreen dared in Azerbaijan!

Thursday, May 31, 2012

Loreen and freedom of speach

Lorren won over silicon valleys!
Loreen won also in daring to speak in a dictature!
Loreen won over racism!
Lorren won over the male oppression ofwomen!

Eurovision Song Contest

Her song has been heard all over. It specific sound touched a whole continent. She won with more than 100 points, close to the ESC record. Just to listen to it makes a lot of people shiver. When she sang it in a slow tempo at Hötorget in Stockholm to celebrate the victory she touched all the thousands of people who traveled there just to see her.
She won a fair victory!

Silicon valleys

A lot of the women at the contest where dressed to show their bodies, here Greece. They looked nice, indeed, but how many of them had made their breasts bigger to look prettier? I don't know, but a few I guess (I do not think Eleftheria has done it, she is just an example of dressing and showing the body). How many had done plastic surgery to look better? It did not help, because Sweden had Loreen. She did not flash her breast, and she were not ashamed that they are not so very big- they are natural. Her face was natural too, everything exept her hair seems to be natural, but I might be wrong.
Loreen won for the sake of the natural woman!

Loreen and dictatures

Loreen was the only participant who dared to question the dictature in the country by visiting democracy-organisations. When she was questioned about it, some tried to say she was doing it against the rules the Swedish leader Christer Björkman said she was doing it on her spare time.
She won the democratic fight that no one else dared to fight (except a Norwegian comedian who were abused by the airport guards when leaving the county, but he was not participating)

Loreen and racism

When winning for Sweden she also won for all the people that have moved to this country to live here as Swedish citizens. She won as the voice of all the people in Sweden, except for the extreme right nazi-friendly groups like Sverigedemokraterna those party secretary, Björn Söder wrote “Sweden?” on his facebook page when she won. 
She also won by hugging a dark colored man, Ausben Jordan, in the dance. That dance shows that the color of the skin doesn't matter.
Loreen won over anti-democratic racists.

Loreen and oppression of women

By visiting womens organisations in Azerbaijan she lifted up the oppression of women in the country and in Islam. She also talked about her cousin who was forced to marry (Swe link) a 25 years older man when she was 13 years old in Morocco. A terrible action by a society who do not care about the women but only the man. Here are some statistics.
She really showed the last victory in the dance at ESC by in the end force the man to the ground. I really liked that metamorphose.
Loreen won a victory for the oppressed women. Let us all help those women to a better life. Let us all help the poor girls who are in that terrible situation. Let us do everything to stop men act like they did towards the cousin of Loreen or the sisters Nadia and Zana in the autobiography Sold: Story ofmodern-day slavery.

Loreen won for everyone who cares about a better world!   

Tuesday, May 29, 2012

To Be Or Not To Be a Teacher

Yesterday I heard from an old friend that he too had left the work as a teacher. It came as a chock. How can a well educated and popular teacher like him quit before the semester is over to start working in the local grocery store, with meat?

What I know the school he worked on is quite calm compared to a lot of schools in towns. When asked he answered: “Now I will not have to work when I am free from the job, and if I work some evenings and weekends I will anyway have the same salary as before...” (great salaries for teachers in Sweden!)

What is happening in Sweden? I know my story (and you too soon), but all these good teachers leaving the school like the rats jumping from the sinking ship. I will just mention two more before my story: One music teacher became a church musician (nice change) while one who became retired started to work as a sub in her old school, saying “now I only have to do the fun part-have lessons- all the other things, the so called paperwork that took all the time from the real work is gone. This is the real work for a teacher”. I can't agree more with her!

Now my story:

I also felt that I spent more and more time doing work that was administrative and not teaching. I used to tell my friends that when I started working as a teacher I had time to sit and plan my lessons and help as a sub when somebody was sick (up to 4 lessons/week). I also got extra paid for that.

After 15 years I still had to be a sub when someone was ill, but due to new rules that the union had approved all over Sweden we were not paid for this, but forced to do it. The planing had to be done during the “home working time”! Now I also had to do other things like much more paper works to “protect the school from being accused to not follow the rules” and “check if the students had any diagnosis” and... these where the reason why my friend quit and now works at ICA superstore.

I worked anyway until one day I was threatened during a student trip in the forest were we where supposed to sleep that I should “live as this was my last day”. The trip was canceled during the evening and I made a report to the police. I was told that they can do nothing because the girl was under 15 years old (she was 14). The head master did what he could, but according to the law in Sweden the girl did not have to move to another school unless she said yes to the place he wanted to give to her (her parents said “No!”).
So I had to work in a classroom were it was a student who knew I could do nothing when she were messing and disturbing the other students.
Some weeks later she really were messing during a math test. She was playing games, with the sound on, on her cellphone! She was told by me to put it away, and I got the answer “soon”. When I came back I said “according to the law I am allowed to take your cellphone if you are disturbing others with it, so pleas put it away.”. “No”, she said. “Then I will take it now”, I replied and put my hand on the cell. What happened then was like in a dream.
She hold tightly in her cell and leaned fast forward and bit my hand. I was in shock and just looked at my hand and said loud:”You bit me”, then I walked out from the room. I do not remember what happened with the test.
Once again I called the police and the headmaster and my colleges gave me all their support. I signed of and was home psychically down. It is called “sick leave”. I did not have any strength left to work in that kind of situation. The doctor said it was no good to return. (The girl stayed in the class and the police did nothing again., and the headmaster could nothing do, more than try to insert extra resources in the class-but he lost me. He did what he could for me!)

What to do? Stay home and be “sick” approved by a doctor, although you don't feel sick or do as my former colleges above?

I did nothing of that. Instead I started to study again to become an engineer. I have great study buddies and gets a great education, but the cost is high: I need to take new student loans (the way it works in Sweden) and it costs the society too to. It is a crazy situation, but now I enjoy my life.

Will I ever come back to school as a teacher?

Good question. I love teaching, I really do!!! and I am a great teacher (according to my other students, not that girl). The problem is that even the law is against the teachers in Sweden.
Under 15, nothing happens
over 15... according to a court decision recently students are allowed to hit the teacher “a little bit”, because the teacher profession should be looked upon as the police profession according to Aftonbladet (Swe link). “!on kcuF” (invert it). They never gave me a course in self defense. I am a teacher, and as long as the students have the right to beat the teachers I will not come back.

If Sweden are supposed to be one of the best countries in the world in education the government and the opposition have to do something drastic, else there will be no teachers any more.

Poor all the wonderful children!

Monday, May 28, 2012

Priests, Women and Dogs

In todays paper Aftonbladet it is written about a priest who treated his six dogs terrible. He was fined and the dogs got a better house. The preast also lost his job as a priest because he has got a too bad reputation after this, says a church layer in the congregation in Stockholm. This could be a nice end of a terrible story. I think that the church acted correct.

Why am I then upset?
For me some dogs life is not as important as humans. I thought that the Swedish church had the same opinion. After a very fast search on google you'll easy find sex abuses in the Catholic church (I've written about it before here), but some priests in the churches in Sweden also makes that kind of things. It is the punishment that I get upset for:
Sveriges Radio wrote 2003 about a priest who beat a boy. He was fined 5 000 Skr, but were allowed to proceed to work as a priest (well, after being a teacher I might understand that you can be outrageuos in some situations, so maybe that was correct by the church)
What is more upseting is what Aftonbladet wrote in February 2012 about a priest that has been sexually abusing several teenagers during long time (known since 2009), but he has got a "time to think about it while he still is allowed to work as a priest". (for example he forced a girl to have oral sex with him in the room for Anglican devotion!) This is a scandal!

I understand Angelica Karlsson who wrote in Aftonbladet 2009 that it is dangerous that persons accused for sexual crimes are investigated in the churches own "courts". That makes it more likely that sex-criminals are still working with our children. When it is like that you will not feel safe to send your child alone there. The article is about a priest who doesn't deny that he had a sexual relation with a student, but the church did not send case to the police.

I care for the animals, but when the church seems to care more for the dogs and their priest than for their "lambs" then it is outrageuos!

Friday, May 25, 2012

Oh my Science (God?)

You won't belive it. A socialist that is arguing aganist humanism, atheism and critical thinking. What I have learned about the dialectica and Karl Marx religion is just an invention to supress people.

The socialist paper Aftonbladet (Swe link) has on its debate-page an aricle written by Katrine Kielos. She seems to think that the organisation Humanisterna shall fight with the economical system instead of figthing homeopathy, religious oppression and discrimination because "the money-system has costed much more than the religion"...

If we look at the suffering and what happened in the Americas and still going on, just as an example, I see worse things with the religions than the economical system. But that is of no importance here. The Humanisterna  is an organisation with one goal and that is working towards their things and nothing else. If you want to work with that, well enter a political party...

Thursday, May 17, 2012

Trubble among muslims in Sweden!

There is an update in the end.
Yesterday a Swedish program was broadcasted in the Swedish television about what the Imams are saying when they do not know the society are listening. It was Uppdrag Granskning (Swe link) who wanted to examine that by sending out two women in niqab, and with a hidden camera, to ask what they shall do because their husbands have taken a new wife, are beating them and forcing them to have sex. All three things are illegal in Sweden (and both of the women are true believers in Islam).
One, I repeat only One Imam told them to go to the police because you shall never beat your wife.
The rest were not so very good... (some of them said a little bit good things too)

The main mosque in Sweden, the one in the center of Stockholm, where one of the worse! "Even if your husband is beating you and has go another wife you got to have sex with him, and you shall not go to the police because then it is problems . They will put him in jail!" That means that he knew it is illegal to beat but he says she must accept it. I wonder if He, the Imam, a holy person (?) would accept to be beaten and forced to have sex. Don´t think so.. (But he is a man, or?)

In six of the ten mosques the Imams tells the woman they must have sex with their husband, according to the quran. The only times they may say "No!" is when they are ill or have got the period.

Where are the womens rights?
A friend of me said in Facebook "throw the bastards (Imams) out from the country, they have no right to treat the women in that way. I said "No". If we throw them out from Sweden we will just move the problem to another country and their women. (when he said to the moon I accepted, because as far as I know no women are living there)

According to Helena Benaouda (Swe link), the leader of  "Sveriges muslimska råd" (The Swedish muslim council) they know there "have been" a problem with some volunteer imams, but that is because some mosques do not have so much money. Hey, Helena what planet are you from? (I know you are born Swedish and this is your country) All these mosques gets money from the state or their countys (written in the link), and most of them gets money from ex Saudi Arabia. They have well educated Imams (the mosque in Stockholm has it most certenly). And you try to say they are not educated? And tries to make it sound like the government in Sweden do not give you enough money? Wake up! (try to say something to help the muslims instead, because right now people only thinks about who is your daugthers husband, Munir Awad, and thinks it is because of that you have strange opinions...)

Some muslims in Sweden says the program was not good to show because it only makes the islamophobia worse, and helps the racists. Hmm, who helps the racists here? Isn´t it the Imams living in a time that should only be remembered in One thousand ond one night's? As long as people calling themselves muslims and treat their women in this way that religion will have problems in Europe. When they live as a lot of my muslim friends it is no problem.

Finally: When I saw the look in the 12 years old girl in a suburb to Stockholm walking with her hijab looking at her former classmate, my 12 years old daugther, I felt bad. You could see in her eyes she did not have the hijab because of something between her and Allah. It was her parents forcing her to have it probably because they did not the men to look at her as a sexual object. They have not understood the words in the quran, then... (according to the Imam in the muslim school I worked at four years ago.)
The day after the program there was a debate about it in the same chanal.
According to aftonbladet (Swe link) three muslim women had a hard time during the debate. They did not get enought of time to speak, and they where interupted by the men who were rising their voices (very usual to do when you have no core in what you say... try to shut the mouth of the opponent). It ended with the three brave women leaving the studio. They told aftonbladet that "Islam is not a women suppresing religion" and "the men are bad representants for islam".
I agree with the women, but unfortunately their wholy book says a little too much about women... the men wants to read those parts to be able to be kings in their house, but it should be read as those parts in the Bible are read (in Sweden anyway, not in the christian right och catholic church): "It is history and should be so too"

According to DN (Swe link) it is usual that the women do not get any support from the imams. "Many imams gets a work (in a mosque) as family councils, and then they get power in a social work they are not educated in. Then they might answer according to their religiuos moral", a scientist working with islam says.
And I say "a so called religious moral is nothing worth when it hurts and kills people", I know that it is written in sura 4 verse 34 and 38 that the man must take care of the woman economically, and that he has the right to in the last instance beat her if she is not behaving, but that is just a book written by a man to other men to try to suppress the women (but he did it better for the women by the standards of that time). Now it is time to see that we are equal in everything-same intelligence (but in my eyes it seems that a lot of men called imams are less..), same kinds of feelings and same rights according to the only law that is just- the law of the country and not a silly religios law.

Thursday, May 10, 2012

Wikipedia lecture

Today I made my first lecture about Wikipedia and Wikimedia for app. 40 high school students from Borlänge.
Great audiance, great questions and fun to inform about this subject.

I wrote about this to another page in Swedish, and therefor I will publish that on this page too, also in Swedish. Hope my English speaking audience understand why.

Den tionde maj gjorde jag mitt första offentliga framträdande som Wikimedia-ambassadör.
Helixgymnasiets IT-program i Borlänge hade frågat om någon med kunskap om Wikipedia skulle kunna ställa upp och berätta om Wikipedia.

Jag tyckte det lät intressant att få göra det och anmälde mig frivilligt. Enda problemet som jag såg det var att hitta lokaler att vara i. Efter att ha frågat på en högskola som har IT-inriktade utbildningar och fått ett nekande svar kontaktade jag en annan IT-inriktad skola som utan omsvep sa ja till att upplåta lokal och teknik till mig. Detta resulterade i att Gymnasiet först var på information i Kista under förmiddagen och sedan åkte till Globen och DiStra skola Syd  för att höra mig.

Det var en tapper skara på ca 40 elever från årskurs två som kom och lyssnade intresserat och ställde bra frågor. De fick en ordentlig genomgång av hela Wikimedias verksamhet med utgångspunkt från en liten uppsats jag skrev inför detta tillfället, som skall ligga som grund för fler tillfällen.

Jag höll på i cirka en timmes tid att prata engagerat om neutralitet, netikett, glädje i att vara med och skriva, fotografering, klotter och att lita på vads om står skrivet. Nu får vi se om det blir en ökning av Wikipedianer i Borlänge.

Tack Helixgymnasiet för en trevlig publik.