Sunday, December 4, 2011

"Pedophilia accepted" according to el papa

Yesterday I happened to read this (spanish) in a Chilean paper. I couldn't believe it. "Outrageous! The pope says child rape was not so bad, it was normal at the time". First I thought it was about hundreds of years ago, like when Muhammad married his favorite wife Aisha when she was six and had sex with her when she was nine! 

Well, at the time of Muhammed life was different. Her life would probably have been terrible if she was not married with him, and some muslims says that "Muhammed having sex with Aisha at that young age  only shows he was not devine, but human. It is not good to do like that, but everyone has his/her faults" (while other muslims says "he was so big a profet that he might do as he wanted, and you are not allowed to speak bad about our profet, Allah akbar!").

The pope was not talking about the ancient times, according to this paper (english), or I am born during the ancient times, that means during the 1970th. That was in his "Christmas Greeting to the Roman curia" (his speech from the vatican)
In these two articles it is written that the pope think it was quite normal with child rape and child abuse 30 years ago, and that child pornography "seems in some way to be concidered more and more normal by the society". 

First about child pornography: Hasn't the pope read the papers? Every normal person in the world are against that crime. These normal people is even more outrageous about priest who likes child pornography.

About child rape. The pope is trying to protect his own, all the priests and bishops that have used their position to abuse children and women. For example Francisco José Cox, a bishop from Chile who abused children in his congregation.

Why protect people like that? Is he crazy, Benedic XVI? No, he must say like that to protect character indelibilis, the Godly mark a pope said exists in all catholic priests. It says that a priest can do whatever he wants. He has got the mark and will therefor come to heaven no matter what... He can put his hmhm in the body of a child and anyway come to God. Howcome that "mark" ever exists?
Well, it is because the Church father Augustine of Hippo. He said that "God choose whom will come to heaven from the begining (according to a book used in the priest education in Sweden: Kristendomen by Tarald Rasmussen, pagina 126), and therefor it doesn't matter what you do... it is called predestination. We have "fallen so far from God that we with the free will will only choose evil..." Well that is just what Cox and his fellows have done...

The pope could choose to leave old things that is wrong and say new things, but instead he tries to defend what is wrong  no matter what it costs. The old popes could not be wrong, according to his doctrine... they are "devine" (or was it "they are devil"?).

As long as the pope is not leaving the middle ages and starts to live in the present he will never get any respect from sane people. If he talked to SNAP, and listened to the survivors of sex abuse by priests he maybe would understand what he does to children by protecting priests like that. (or maybe HE wants to try to get something thick up his behind to understand better... or, like I wrote in the article about Richie Martin, the pope maybe is homosexual and likes it that way and wants others to like it too!) (To the catholics reading this: I know many nice catholics. I feel sorry for them having a chuch leader whom is so ignorante, but I have nothing against them- Just the leaders!!!)

This article I wrote for the children. I love children and wants them to be pure children loving life and playing. They should not be forced inte perverted sexual games by people with devine power scaring them to obey dirty things that you only should do voluntary because you want it and love your partner(s).

Save the children from the pope!

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