Monday, December 12, 2011

Demonstration i Israel

I wrote about Christians and Muslims. Well lets say something about the jews too, to make it fare.

In August 2011 someone published a video on youtube showing a demonstration. There a brave teenager from the US talks. He says he is a Jew, and he is aganist the treatment of the Palestinians. He speaks a lot, but he forgot one thing:
He was in Israel saying it!
Smart move? Depends on what he wanted. No matter what, the police did not like what he said and started to provoke him. It looked a lot like the picture from Chile in my article "take photos get gas" where the chilean police did outrages things, or "Memoria Viva! May we never forget!" where an officer shoots a woman with a tear gas gun.

The Israelian police beats him up, so that he tries to get away, which means harder grips-The police got what they wanted, a chance to hit him. It did not help to be a jew in Israel, if you are what they would call a "Self-hating jew". That kind of jew is not looked well upon in Israel.

But back to the topic. It is not about Palestine, I think, but about police brutality. Where is the thin line between the good police protecting us against crimes and when the police comittes crimes? As long as they get protection from the government it doesn't matter. We will always see this. Does that mean we shall let it pass? No, we have to talk about it, show our opinions about it and help those who are treated bad by the cops. Give them support in all countries (but not by threatening the police by saying "kill the cop"... that "justifies" their actions.)

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