Sunday, November 20, 2011


After all the political and religious bloggin it is time for something funny.

This is about two Swedish words that are a little bit confusing.
Just add a letter "o", the word vilrum is easier to say, but it gets a completely different meaning.
The funny thing is that it is spelt wrong on a lot of places in Sweden. For example in my school, KTH -The Royal institute of technology, next to the elevator it is written "vilorum for students" and "vilorum for teacher" (but all written in Swedish).
So, what's wrong, you might wonder.
Well, vilrum means a room to rest if you are tired or have a headache, while...
Vilorum is another word for grave, in Swedish!!! (press on "Svenska"on the link to see that is true).
This means that in my school we have graves for students and teacher that worked a little bit too much, or?

So as the well known paper in Sweden, SvD says: Take care to go to the right room in Sweden if you want to rest for a while before you proceed to study.

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