Sunday, November 27, 2011

Torture advertisment

Right now on Swedish chanals the postorder company cdon has an advertisment that is not so propper. It shows how a wife fools her husband by trapping him so that he hangs in a rope from the cealing while she takes the parcel with the movies.

Im' sure it is intended to be funny, but they missed something. For a lot of people immigrating to Sweden that was the reallity if the police took you. Torture and in the worse case disappearance.
Examples on countries where that have happened is Chile, during the dictatorship (at least 30 000 victims), Iran still on going... and a whole lot of African countries.

Why should a company care about them? Why shouldn't it? It is aganist the human rights with torture, and the victims have already nightmares about it. A company who does like that misses a lot in their tries to get new costumers. Victims of torture will never choose a company who makes fun of their feelings.
Hopefully the company will start thinking a little more global, even if the ads are not against the law they affect the viewers.

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