Thursday, May 31, 2012

Loreen and freedom of speach

Lorren won over silicon valleys!
Loreen won also in daring to speak in a dictature!
Loreen won over racism!
Lorren won over the male oppression ofwomen!

Eurovision Song Contest

Her song has been heard all over. It specific sound touched a whole continent. She won with more than 100 points, close to the ESC record. Just to listen to it makes a lot of people shiver. When she sang it in a slow tempo at Hötorget in Stockholm to celebrate the victory she touched all the thousands of people who traveled there just to see her.
She won a fair victory!

Silicon valleys

A lot of the women at the contest where dressed to show their bodies, here Greece. They looked nice, indeed, but how many of them had made their breasts bigger to look prettier? I don't know, but a few I guess (I do not think Eleftheria has done it, she is just an example of dressing and showing the body). How many had done plastic surgery to look better? It did not help, because Sweden had Loreen. She did not flash her breast, and she were not ashamed that they are not so very big- they are natural. Her face was natural too, everything exept her hair seems to be natural, but I might be wrong.
Loreen won for the sake of the natural woman!

Loreen and dictatures

Loreen was the only participant who dared to question the dictature in the country by visiting democracy-organisations. When she was questioned about it, some tried to say she was doing it against the rules the Swedish leader Christer Björkman said she was doing it on her spare time.
She won the democratic fight that no one else dared to fight (except a Norwegian comedian who were abused by the airport guards when leaving the county, but he was not participating)

Loreen and racism

When winning for Sweden she also won for all the people that have moved to this country to live here as Swedish citizens. She won as the voice of all the people in Sweden, except for the extreme right nazi-friendly groups like Sverigedemokraterna those party secretary, Björn Söder wrote “Sweden?” on his facebook page when she won. 
She also won by hugging a dark colored man, Ausben Jordan, in the dance. That dance shows that the color of the skin doesn't matter.
Loreen won over anti-democratic racists.

Loreen and oppression of women

By visiting womens organisations in Azerbaijan she lifted up the oppression of women in the country and in Islam. She also talked about her cousin who was forced to marry (Swe link) a 25 years older man when she was 13 years old in Morocco. A terrible action by a society who do not care about the women but only the man. Here are some statistics.
She really showed the last victory in the dance at ESC by in the end force the man to the ground. I really liked that metamorphose.
Loreen won a victory for the oppressed women. Let us all help those women to a better life. Let us all help the poor girls who are in that terrible situation. Let us do everything to stop men act like they did towards the cousin of Loreen or the sisters Nadia and Zana in the autobiography Sold: Story ofmodern-day slavery.

Loreen won for everyone who cares about a better world!   

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