Friday, May 25, 2012

Oh my Science (God?)

You won't belive it. A socialist that is arguing aganist humanism, atheism and critical thinking. What I have learned about the dialectica and Karl Marx religion is just an invention to supress people.

The socialist paper Aftonbladet (Swe link) has on its debate-page an aricle written by Katrine Kielos. She seems to think that the organisation Humanisterna shall fight with the economical system instead of figthing homeopathy, religious oppression and discrimination because "the money-system has costed much more than the religion"...

If we look at the suffering and what happened in the Americas and still going on, just as an example, I see worse things with the religions than the economical system. But that is of no importance here. The Humanisterna  is an organisation with one goal and that is working towards their things and nothing else. If you want to work with that, well enter a political party...

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