Monday, May 28, 2012

Priests, Women and Dogs

In todays paper Aftonbladet it is written about a priest who treated his six dogs terrible. He was fined and the dogs got a better house. The preast also lost his job as a priest because he has got a too bad reputation after this, says a church layer in the congregation in Stockholm. This could be a nice end of a terrible story. I think that the church acted correct.

Why am I then upset?
For me some dogs life is not as important as humans. I thought that the Swedish church had the same opinion. After a very fast search on google you'll easy find sex abuses in the Catholic church (I've written about it before here), but some priests in the churches in Sweden also makes that kind of things. It is the punishment that I get upset for:
Sveriges Radio wrote 2003 about a priest who beat a boy. He was fined 5 000 Skr, but were allowed to proceed to work as a priest (well, after being a teacher I might understand that you can be outrageuos in some situations, so maybe that was correct by the church)
What is more upseting is what Aftonbladet wrote in February 2012 about a priest that has been sexually abusing several teenagers during long time (known since 2009), but he has got a "time to think about it while he still is allowed to work as a priest". (for example he forced a girl to have oral sex with him in the room for Anglican devotion!) This is a scandal!

I understand Angelica Karlsson who wrote in Aftonbladet 2009 that it is dangerous that persons accused for sexual crimes are investigated in the churches own "courts". That makes it more likely that sex-criminals are still working with our children. When it is like that you will not feel safe to send your child alone there. The article is about a priest who doesn't deny that he had a sexual relation with a student, but the church did not send case to the police.

I care for the animals, but when the church seems to care more for the dogs and their priest than for their "lambs" then it is outrageuos!

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