Thursday, November 17, 2011

Story of stuff

During my studies in english I have to look at the youtube-clip Story of stuff. That might sound booooring, but I hope you have time to look at it. It really makes you think how the system of consumption works in the US. That could be our future too, if we don't take care.

Now to the point of the clip. The people elect a president "by the people, for the people", but thanks to Victor Lebow 1955 they elect the president "by the people, for the corporations!". Acording to the clip the president is not working for the people but for the companies.
The corporations are using the resorces in the third world, and as en effect of that the people there have to find new places to get working for the companies with all the toxic subjects that they use of some strange kind of reason. The toxic will just make the consumers more stupid and make them willing to buy more and the spiral of destruction of the world is working.

To get take care of the waste the US burns it, creating dioxine and other harmfull stuff. What they are thinking of is not easy to understand, but it seems like they, the owners of the corporations, have found their God- MONEY, and can not see their Devil- Waste. How many poor humans have not been sacrified on their altar for a few pennies more?

Now it is time for us, atheists, agnostics, christians, muslims, jews or other believes to break down the altar of money and start building up a new system that will not destroy the world, like the nobel price winner Al Gore talks about.


  1. I agree with you that we have to think more about the environment and the system that we are living in. CO2 is not a great gas for us and we need to do something against it so our children don’t need to grow up with high levels of CO2. At the same time I think that what Annie is talking about she might not have enough fact about. She has a good point but at the same time she needs to think about the reality, the system cannot be completely clean, no matter how clean we want it to be.

  2. I agree that its's important to know how the system is in US and that we react before we have that system too. I think that your metaphor with god and devil is good to see how it really works. It's time that we start to think about other people then ourselves!