Monday, October 17, 2011

Trade and the Environment

I happened to find an interesting article named Trade and the Environment. It is quite long therefor I didn't have time to read all, but one interesting point they say is the following:

According to WHO (World Trade Organization) a country is not allowed to to make a trade embargo against another country based upon environmental issues in the other country. The examples they gave was tuna fishing in Mexico and shrimps in Asia.

That is a pity, but we have an option. We, the consumers may stop buying the products that are not good for the environment or not good according to social aspects at the production place. If we changes our way of buying the producers are forced to follow us, and no government may force us to buy unhealthy things.
We may also organize us in organizations, like Fairtrade, or the neutral written wikipedia article about them.

Alone we are weak, but together we may change the world.

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