Monday, October 3, 2011

Presentation of the blogger

My name is Harald, and I live in Sweden. I am a former teacher in math and science. I have worked as a teacher for 14 years in Sweden and one year in USA , in high school and in special education. During that time I also got three children, boys, who are 13, 12 and six years old. My partner also have two children age 12, so totally we have five children.

A year ago I decided to change career to get more time for my children and less negative stress as a teacher. Therefor I applied to KTH to the program och medical engineering. Now, the second semester, I need to get some extra points and therefor I applied to study technical english at the University in Karlstad. Even if it is not in my program I think it is very important to know the technical language and also have a grade in it when you work in that area.

During this course I have to start a blogg and do some assignments on it. Therefor I started my first blogg ever. I will probably use it to write some about other things than the assignments too.

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