Wednesday, October 19, 2011

Lazarus and the pope (Yes! No capital letter)

This Sunday I was in church listening to an interesting pastor in the Swedish Missionskyrkan (link in english). He talked about The Parable of the rich man and Lazarus in the New Testament.
He talked about the poor man hungry, so weak he could not chase away the dogs licking his wounds, while the rich man was feasting not bothering. Well they both died and Lazarus came to Abraham and the other guy to a not so pleasant place. There he begged Lazarus to help him and warn his brothers. Abraham stopped him.
The Pastor talked about helping and giving if you afford it. have an open heart and so on. Very colorful and nice. The children listened. I liked it too, and started to think:
Who is one of the richest in the world? Well isn't it the pope in Rome? And, correct me if I'm wrong, doesn't he have millions of believers who trust in him? And a looooot of them live in very poor conditions. Did the pope miss the chapter in the Bible where Jesus is talking about Lazarus, or did he missunderstand it somehow? Or is he just joining the rich man? Oh no, I forgot: Character Indelible He has got the mark and are for ever forgiven (according to some old popes saying) for all his sins. So pope in Rome, you may sit and eat and drink whatever you want without thinking about the tenth and the poor people starving to death (sure they shall be happy in heaven).
You may also doom thoese people (especially the poor women) by forcing them to not use birth controll (like condoms) so that they risk to get HIV and also too many children that will throw them even deaper down in povertry. Well done, Ye oh holyness, didn't you understand that Humanea Vitae was a big mistake written by another misstake?

Enough of miserable thought now. If there is a God she/he will not listen to an old pope saying "I am forgiven, because I am a pope", but the God will follow its own rules and punish thoese who does wrong no matter what. Tooooo bad for you, Benedictus XVI! (Doesn't it look like the horns already have grown out on his head on this Wikipedia article? :-)

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