Wednesday, October 12, 2011

Take photos get gas.

The protests in Chile proceeds, and the police is geting worse against the protesters. I heard about a man who was taken by the police some days ago. His name is Francisco Maturana. A music teacher, father and freelancer (photographer). The right place to be as a photographer is where things are happening. This time he happened to be "the things", when the carabineros- the riot police, were not pleased to be captured on photos (is my guess).
They grabbed him, dragged the clothes of is upper part of the body and put a tear-gas gun in his pants. Why the .... (excuse the language) do something like that on a 55+ years old man with a camera? That is torture and could have been his death if he had a bad heart. Luckily he was not the only one there with a camera, and now the pictures are broadcasted all over Chile, and Mr Maturana is interviewed on Chiles biggest newspapers and television. This will be a big blow for the government, and as a student I hope this terrible thing will help the cause for better conditions for the students.

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