Wednesday, October 5, 2011

Wikipedia Italy is on streik

From yesterday the italian Wikipedia started a strike (link works during the sreik)  for the freedom of information after the italian Parliament is debating a law that will force evry page on the internet to change facts about people if the person do not like it. The paragraph 29, explained in english and swedish on that link, do not make a third part jury controll if the fact is true or not, you are just forced to erase it and put the persons version instead.

This sounds like a law that suits everyone that have some kind of problems with the law, but do not want their 'mistakes' to be public. If it also is implemented on the newspapers Berlusconi will have a new powerful weapon to fight all the rumors about him.

This is a dangerous step towards controlling facts. The winner of a war uses to write the history, but with the internet even the loosers history have a chance to be seen and heard so that others can make their own oppinion on who was right and who was wrong. The fondation of wikipedia is freedom of speach freedom of facts. Therefor I support the italian Wikipedia in their fight against the paragraph 29
Swedish article one more article
Italian article

The streik is over, and the italians will be able to read wiki in italian again!! Link in english

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