Wednesday, January 11, 2012

Moneyfree banks!

It's the first of April, not.
Yesterday I had to put some money on my account in the bank. That should not be a big problem, I thought!
While I live in south of Stockholm I went to the bank in the biggest shopping mall close to mine: Skärholmen. There I entered the bank. It was full. A lot of people who wanted to do their things, and a big note telling us that "This is a cash free bank. You can not insert money here", it said. Great information given, and no info where I could do it. I left and had to go to the center of Stockholm, there I walked 10 minutes until I came to another "Sparbank". There I could insert my money, and I asked where in the south of Stockholm it would be possible. On the "red line", the metro, you can not do it anywhere all the 45 minutes long metro-line. They have closed that choise. If you want to do this bank-issue you have to go app 50 minutes, or take a buss in wrong direction.

What's wrong with Sweden when the banks are not there for their costumers?
Don't they want my money?

This is a big joke, that I did not laugh at!

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