Thursday, January 12, 2012

Niqab in school, muslim dressing

After a long quiet period has the Skolverket (Swedish schoolboard) come to a conclusion about the niqab in school (Swedish link).

I am astonished and ashamed about what they write: First of all they say it is okey to use it, and you are not, as a school, allowed to have a rule against it. (Of course, when you are not in school I do not care, use it or loose it. Not my buissness). According to Aftonbladet (Swedish link) the case that skolverket uses where not even evaluated by the Swedish court-system. They where to afraid for beeing called racists, and now the teachers have to say "No, you may not use niqab in my classroom"

Why am I rejecting it in school?
Well, as a teacher you need to meet the student and see that she understands and really have good contact with her. There are alse the governmental issue. As a teacher you are obliged to grade your students. How will you be able to make sure that the student in niqab, doing the test, is the right person? Having a femal "peeper" looking behind the niqab every lesson? That is a terrible thought.
To make my point even stronger. When I worked at Al Azharskolan, a muslim school, the headmaster said it was forbidden of the same reasons I wrote above. Why shall then we non-muslims at all discuss this issue? If the own people says it is wrong in school for the students (exept for a small extreme group).
Finally: If you use it during an experiment in chemistry it will make it more dangerous because you can not see as good as others when things happens.

Muslim dressing
What's this?
well that is clothes that muslim people wear. Nothing strange, mostly. The niqab is in the eyes of the west a way to supress the woman. (And as far as I know it is not mentioned in the quran at all)
M.I.A used a niqab in a posé whit a finger up high. on the blogg discussion some muslims said it is wrong to dress in muslim clothes if you are not a muslim. Why? I do not care about the religious beliefs and may dress as I want. (One answered if they think you have to be a rastafari to listen to Bob Marley. Good point. While anotherone posted this link, showing that muslims dress as they want and there are noone who shall tell them how to dress (not even other muslims). Right there!!! We are all free (exept for some million supressed women all over the world, often with different religions as a weapon to make noone dare to say stop

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