Friday, February 10, 2012

Obama- Pro abortion!

"Our rights as individuals", sounds nice. That is USA, or?

Barack Obama once again stood on the barricades fighting for the right to own your own body, the 23 of january 2012, by celebration the 39th anniversary of the Wade vs Roe-case. On the other side stands the largest lobbying group you can imagine: The religious fanatics in the Christian Right (CR).

The ongoing abortion-war is about that Obama wants to have abortions easier to do, with Obamacare. The health insurance shall help the woman. 
The CR thinks it is unjust towards the unborn baby and talks about religious freedom.

Well, lets see what religious freedom is, in my eyes:
*You have the right to believe in what so ever god/s, or not believe at all.
*Your believe and actions of your belief shall not hurt or miscredit others.
*You have the right to change religion without anyone argue you are doing wrong.
*You are not allowed to force your religion on others.

So, you in the CR:
If your daughter believes it is right to make an abortion you shall not stop her. (even if the Catholic church says something others, with humanae vitae).

When you, CR says that "most of the people in the US are against abortions you are wrong, according to The New York Times. Only 20 % wants to make it illegal, while 77% wants it to be free!
This is just the way the CR wants to keep the patriarchy.

What is most terrible here is that the CR in Texas thinks it is ok to force the woman to do an ultra sound before they do the abortion. On this link you can see the clip when Joy Behar and Barbara Walters says it is heartbreaking to force them. I do totaly agree with her, but the most blogs are acting aganist it...

Shame on the religion that still tries to enslave people.
(Most of the links in this post are from anti abortion pages "pro life". Somehow it is easier to find those than the others... Looks like the CR are rich and tries to use its money to get more slaves.

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