Monday, April 2, 2012

Google censoring Google street view

In the paper edition of DN I read about a man who had seen a well equipped cherubs on a house in Stockholm when he was out walking one day. He wanted to show it for his wife and opened Google streetview by editing : Norrbackagatan 22, 113 41 Stockholm, Stockholms län on the wall you can only see two gray blurred circles. He was astonished and looked at the same place (Norrbackagatan 22, 113 41 Stockholm) with There he could show his wife the picture. Another blogger read the paper too. He checked an address were there are swastikas on the door, from the 1910th, before the Nazis. That swastikas were not blurred.
How does Google think? Some art with a little to long penis on the wall, from the beginning of the 20th century are censored, but not a swastika from the same age? Which is the most disgusting, an attribute for love and making children or an sign that stands for 10th of millions of dead and tortured?

In my opinion none should be censored, but my guess is that the owners of Google have an own agenda. I hope I am wrong here and that is is just a mistake that seems to make them look pro-Nazis. Is it the Christian right in the US that stands for their puritanism or the Catholic church, who are well known for having helped Nazis to escape to South America and therefor are guilty for a lot of the torture that these people did in the name of the dictatorships? Can someone give me and the readers a clue of how they think?

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