Wednesday, April 4, 2012

Sweden censoring on internet!

I am trying to make the Swedish government to change their censoring laws on aerial photographies. This is one of my assignments for Wikimedia Sverige.

It is an interesting law. The Swedish army must approve all photos taken from the air before they are allowed to be spread on the internet, but the law is only valid for Swedish citizens and if you didn't know about it you'll not get fined (Link to law in Swedish)! If a non-Swedish citizen put the photo on internet the law can do nothing. As you probably understands the law was made before the internet revolution, and now it is time to change it to fit the society of today.
How toothless the law is you might see by searching on the Swedish map and compare with the non-Swedish Google maps. To avoid breaking the law I use a link to a Swedish paper, IDG, scroll down to the picture. Here you see the same spot on the map. It is the FRA-headquarter in Stockholm, the difference is clear. Someone is censoring the internet! If the strange powers are not capable to see the difference here and find the secret place, then they are not allowed to be called powers.

I think it is time for Sweden to step into the 21th century, and change it to not let others make fun of us. According to this paper from 2009 the army itself think it is a silly law and wants to get rid of it-but as long as it is there they have to follow it.

Update: I did not my research correct. The article above is from 2009, and after that they have "cut of" the imaginary forest on the Swedish maps. Now you can see it on this place (FRA in Stockholm), but how about other places in the country...

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