Sunday, April 22, 2012


The Swedish paper DN wrote 18 of Aprill about "many wrong facts in articles about companies on Wikipedia". What a pity they, the paper, did not do their research correct. Swedish Wikimedia answered on their blogg (in Swedish) about all the wrong things the reporter Clas Svahn wrote. Of course no corrections or excuses...

One other group at once liked that article and wrote themselves on their blogg (Swedish link) how Wikipedia and the admins are deleting things written by experts. That group was the homeopathy-likers.

As an admin on Swedish Wikipedia I answered that they are welcome to write in the articles. If the do not use sources that use scientific methods to prove it will of course be deleted. Wikipedia is a place you shall not write lies on. The blogg seems to refuse to let my comment be visible, therefor I write it here.

What both the homeopaths and the companies must know is that Wikipedia is not a place for advertising and writing untrue things. We are not censoring facts that you dislike, but are true. If you try to erase it we put it back (and you think we do not listen to you and then we can see that in DN!!!).

Welcome everyone to write, but do not forget good sources!

(Update: And please anyone who is an expert on homeopathy, can you try to win the one milion dollar price James Randi talks about in this link? And prove he is wrong about homeopathy, after 12 minutes? I doubt you'll succeed, but if so I am sure you'll get an own article on Wikipedia)

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